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# Sentence Times
1. A handoff scheme is introduced in this paper, which considers the dynamic thresholds and preemptive priority level in intergrated voice and data LEO(Low Earth Orbit) satellite systems. 1
2. A preemptive rate - based batching approach is proposed based on the characters of the data stream. 1
3. A special news program preempted the scheduled shows. 1
4. Also, non-RT Java implementations typically use a round-robin preemptive scheduling approach with unpredictable scheduling order. 1
5. An operating system that supports preemptive multitasking creates the effect of simultaneous execution of multiple threads from multiple processes. 1
6. And some prosecutors are attempting to preempt any potential fallout from the CSI effect. 1
7. And we analyze three task scheduling schemes based on this task set module, which include hybrid preemptive scheduling, priority-based grouping scheduling and FCFS scheduling. 1
8. Article 286 of contract law; priority of compensation; preemption; Construction work cost. 1
9. As the freedom of market increases, concerning the abolishment and preservation of the function of the system of preemptive right has aroused hot debates. 1
10. As this crisis approached, the subject of preemption had not been discussed. 1
11. Automakers have also taken preemptive steps to avoid a supply disruption, including by stocking extra components or readying other channels of procurement. 1
12. Automakers have also taken preemptive steps to avoid a supply disruption, including by stocking extra components or readying other channels of procurement. This website 1
13. Based preemptive priority queuing network model and infinitesimal perturbation analysis schemes , new scheduling algorithm is presented. 1
14. Because the Right of Preemption is likely to injure the security of trafficking, it shouldn't peremptorily oppose the third party. And some restrictions are necessary. 0
15. Better preempt to keep the opponent from bidding. 1
16. Better preempt to keep the opponents from bidding. 1
17. Chapter five introduces legal system on the right of preemption. Right of preemption is a kind of independent civil rights, which shall be classified as civil priority. 2
18. Codezero's scheduler includes kernel preemption for both guest threads and microkernel threads (in addition to time slices for preemption). 2
19. Concurrency can occur on uniprocessor (UP) hosts where multiple threads share the same CPU and preemption creates race conditions. 1
20. Discussion of the emergency situation will preempt the lecture by the professor. 1
21. Enterprises, which are the most active main-spring of market economy, are going to attract the attention of customers in the IT world, so as to have the right of preemption. 1
22. Even uniprocessor systems must disable preemption in this way to avoid race conditions. 1
23. Federal administrative bodies issue rules and regulations of a quasi-legislative character; valid federal regulations have the force of law and preempt state laws ad rules. 1
24. Finally, damselfish learnt to preempt attacks within 1 h of contact with fangblennies. 1
25. Fine, but if preemption is to be adopted as a doctrine, it has to encompass more than one rogue state. 1
26. First, this paper studies multiple servers queues with impatient customers of preemptive priority. 1
27. For example, federal statutes might explicitly preempt, or explicitly waive any preemption of, state law. 2
28. For the most common case ( uniprocessor with preemption disabled ), however, the system stops scheduling altogether. 1
29. He claims BMS used its insider knowledge about his proposal for a split (BMS has its own man on ImClone's board) to make a preemptive bid, so it could buy the firm at a cheaper price. 1
30. Hopefully, Google's actions will promote, not preempt that debate. 1




pre-empt (verb) · pre-empts (third person present) · pre-empted (past tense) · pre-empted (past participle) · pre-empting (present participle) · preempts (third person present) · preempted (past tense) · preempted (past participle) · preempting (present participle)

  - take action in order to prevent (an anticipated event) from happening; forestall.

  - acquire or appropriate (something) in advance.


pre-empt (noun) · pre-empts (plural noun) · preempts (plural noun)

  - a preemptive bid.


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