Preclude Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use preclude, so you can learn how to use preclude in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word preclude here, and see the words sound like or similar to preclude

# Sentence Times
1. "International law recognises that there are exceptional circumstances where necessity precludes wrongfulness, and this will be said to be one of those cases, " Mr Sands told the BBC. 1
2. A constitutional amendment precludes any president from serving more than two terms. 1
3. A prior engagement will preclude me from coming. 1
4. A prior engagement will preclude them from coming. 1
5. Abdication is precluded by the lack of a possible successor. 1
6. Age alone will not preclude him from standing as a candidate. 1
7. All reservists had a 60-day window to enroll and those who already had their orders were not precluded from participation. 1
8. Anatomic constraints may preclude the insertion a transarticular screw unilaterally or bilaterally. 1
9. As a matter of strict law, party elections can neither preclude nor pre-empt the prerogative of choice. 1
10. At 84, John feels his age precludes too much travel. 1
11. At 84,(This website/too.html) John feels his age precludes too much travel. 1
12. AV pump can preclude edema effectively. 1
13. B. Cephalopelvic disproportion is a disparity between the size of the maternal pelvis and the fetal head that precludes vaginal delivery. This condition can rarely be diagnosed in advance. 1
14. Because the transcript is still under seal, I am precluded by law from discussing the evidence. 1
15. Before the rise of open systems there were five factors which precluded migration to Unix, he argues. 1
16. Black holes are dense, but their event horizons preclude observations. 1
17. Blake returned to London a hero in the eyes of MI6 but the secret nature of his work precluded any official recognition. 1
18. Bottom line thinking simply precludes public service investment. 1
19. Bus voltages greater than 100V preclude the use of a standard IC for overcharge and overdischarge protection. 1
20. But political neutrality did not preclude profitable commerce. 1
21. But the proposed revision has been made so that it will not preclude auditors from asserting, in their audit reports, that international auditing standards have been complied with. 1
22. But there is nothing to preclude a charge being brought under section 5 even though the arrest was not effected under the section. 1
23. But while public provision does not preclude charitable giving, the existence of the profit motive in any service usually does. 1
24. Casinos, after all, have rules that preclude the truly shocking. 1
25. Commercial considerations presumably preclude any cruel or unpleasant side to his character. 1
26. Conclusion Adaptation training can preclude acute high altitude reaction and elevate altitude acclimatization. 1
27. Congressional intent to preclude review had to be demonstrated by " clear and convincing evidence. ". 1
28. Contrariwise, certain physical explanations which may be attractive are completely precluded by the chemistry. 1
29. Data sets precluded from analysis are well documented, but the great bulk of typical experimental data will be handled. 1
30. Did her unkempt condition preclude making a quest out of her? 1

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