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# Sentence Times
1. A couple's conjugal fate is prearranged. 1
2. A particularly alarming prospect is that of Chinese and American troops facing each other in North Korea with no prearranged mechanism for defusing a great-power stand-off. 1
3. A periodical talk is usually prearranged and requires some preparations. 1
4. A prearranged , formal combat between two persons, usually fought to settle a point of honor. 1
5. According to the prearrangement, male guests in the wedding banquet will be entertained by the bridegroom. 1
6. Along those lines, cable company Charter Communications Inc said on Friday it filed for a prearranged bankruptcy in which its debt restructuring will include a rights offering for certain bondholders. 1
7. At a prearranged signal, everyone started moving forwards. 1
8. At a prearranged signal, everyone stood up. 1
9. At a prearranged site, Ben and his party met a friendly agent who had prospective recruits in tow. 1
10. But business extremely is all prosperous, goes to eat needs to prearrange . 1
11. For each tap size there atapping provided with a prearranged torque andtapping any kind of material. 1
12. For the latter the symbols apparently comprised a sort of prearranged code. 1
13. He would tell me when some one wanted to run and delivered him or her to a prearranged spot. 1
14. I had it to prearrange in mine diary several months! 1
15. In dealing with that unpredictable man, you simply cannot follow a prearranged plan, you have to play it by ear. 1
16. Never watching where they are going, the people move through something prearranged, armed with lies. 1
17. Once over, and dismounted, the three hundred of the assault party moved quickly into their prearranged positions. 1
18. One of the cars pealed off and headed back to town as prearranged. 1
19. Run to your positionswhen you hear the prearranged signal. 1
20. Special designed drive outfit and PLC are adopted to control object moving to-and-fro and rotating at prearranged positions. 1
21. The driver met us at the prearranged time. 1
22. The ignition of the depth bomb is assumed in the prearranged range of water depth through choosing proper pressure sensor to sense pressure changing information of the water depth. 1
23. The proposed prearrange PID control algorithm based on the basic theory of algorithm with some theory ratiocinations, experiment validity. 1
24. Then , payment and deliVery abundance , which are not carried out by prearranged methods, follow. 1
25. Then, payment and delivery , which are carried out by prearranged methods, follow. 1
26. There was speculation that the captives would be picked up by helicopter from a prearranged spot in the jungle. 1
27. This evidence supports their contention that the outbreak of violence was prearranged. 1
28. This takes place at a time prearranged to be mutually convenient. 1
29. Washes and the clean toy should in prearrange in the timetable. 1
30. When you prearrange your funeral, you can pick your own flowers and music. 1




prearranges (third person present) · prearranged (past tense) · prearranged (past participle) · prearranging (present participle) · pre-arrange (verb) · pre-arranges (third person present) · pre-arranged (past tense) · pre-arranged (past participle) · pre-arranging (present participle)

  - arrange or agree upon (something) in advance.


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