Powerfulness Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use powerfulness, so you can learn how to use powerfulness in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word powerfulness here, and see the words sound like or similar to powerfulness

# Sentence Times
1. An analysis of numerals' functions in creating poetic effects offers us a better understanding of its powerfulness and importance in language use. 1
2. And you have always wondered why there is no one place to show off your geekness and powerfulness. 1
3. Bacon's essays are famous for their brevity, compactness and powerfulness. 1
4. Both fortune and powerfulness originated from a harmonious family. 1
5. Brevity, compactness and powerfulness are the styles of Bacon's essays. 1
6. But the grandeur, I would say, of sheer American powerfulness. 1
7. His powerfulness was concealed by a gentle facade. 1
8. The conception of IE and other definitions have been defined and a case study on electrical load forecasting to show the powerfulness of IE is also given in this paper. 1
9. The part of the war develops along with war's three main characteristics as follow: the absurdity of war, the brutality of war, and the powerfulness of war. 1
10. The technique of cel anime was suited to obvious impacts, and it was designed so that the viewers would see nothing but powerfulness , coolness, and cuteness. 1
11. This is a big challenge. To show the powerfulness of the challenge, sometimes we have to put aside the arty "taste" and coming out under all the covers. 1
12. This is a margin which is going to be obliterated. For me, it is an attempt to disclose a kind of collection of rupture, destruction, and weakness caused by powerfulness from my own experiences. 1