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# Sentence Times
1. - There is also potential for exploiting untouched arable land resources. 1
2. - There is potential for increasing the yield per unit area on the existing cultivated land. 1
3. .. electric potential measurement, microwave measurement, capacitance measurement, ultrasonic measurement, laser measurement, etc. 1
4. “We could increase yields in sub-Saharan Africa threefold tomorrow with off-the-shelf technology, ” says Kenneth Cassman, a well-regarded agronomist who researches potential yields. 1
5. 'There is a perceived added value in that the women get to meet the potential donor, but the risks are also considerably higher, ' said the Dutch newspaper AD. 1
6. " They add that, " Indigo naturalis is one of the Chinese herbal remedies that has been reported to exhibit potential antipsoriatic efficacy. 1
7. "Anything that the UK would do would be deniable, " says Pat Tyrrell, a former high-ranking official at the Ministry of Defence who drafted the UK's first assessment of the potential for cyberwarfare. 1
8. "Electrification and hybridisation were among the key technologies I introduced at Porsche and I think there is potential for these technologies in Bentleys too," he said. 1
9. "Having about a per cent of acetylene is potentially interesting from the life point of view, " says team member Jonathan Lunine of the University of Arizona in Tucson. 1
10. "HiRISE allows us to identify drive paths and potential hazards on the scale of the rover along the route, " Callas said. 1
11. "I define happiness as the joy we feel striving after our potential," says Achor. 1
12. "I don't think there is a peaceful solution to their problem," said Andrew Clare, professor of asset management at Cass Business School in London. "The real problem is the potential runs on banks." 1
13. "I need to have one because I see the potential of its cloud computing service and artificial intelligence application. That"s currently a wide open area in China. 1
14. "I study design because I believe in its potential to alter reality", says Ferber. 1
15. "I study design because I believe in its potential to alter reality", says Ferber. "By presenting a design concept to someone you always show how things could be. " 1
16. "If people are stressed about basic survival, they will have more cortisol and a smaller hippocampus, and thus potential difficulties with memory formation," says Lazar. 1
17. "It does have the size and the liquidity and the size of the economy, potentially, " Rogers said, adding that it was the only currency with the chance of supplanting the dollar within 10 to 15 years. 1
18. "It has both currency and potential longevity," said Christine Lindberg, senior lexicographer for Oxford's US dictionary program, in a statement. 1
19. "It is necessary to consider modes at their best and worst ridership levels to understand the potential of the system, " said Chester. 1
20. "It's very disturbing to think about the potential implications of a century-long decline of the base of the food chain," said lead author Daniel Boyce, a marine ecologist. 1
21. "Many investors see the public sector (banks) in some countries as posing a potential systemic risk and hence contingent liability for the sovereign," Goldman Sachs analysts wrote in a recent note. 1
22. "NIH's unique translational environment, where researchers can pursue intellectual high-risk, out-of-the-box thinking with high potential payoff, enabled us to pursue this work, " he said. 1
23. "Not only is the traditional aid envelope being impact upon by the current developments, but the private financing part is also potentially impacted negatively," Gordhan said. 1
24. "On paper we have a potential gain in excess of $30bn," said Joe Price, BofA's chief financial officer, adding that it would be able to cash in some of its holding over the next 2 to 3 years. 1
25. "Our results add a new dimension to our understanding of the resting brain and potentially provide a powerful new technique to examine the neuronal machinery of off-line processing, " they concluded. 1
26. "Power Source" product is cordyceps, Potentilla anserina as the main raw material of health food products. 0
27. "The Daphnia system is an exquisite aquatic sensor, a potential high-tech and modern version of the mineshaft canary," he said. 1
28. "The potential for a big rebound is higher when you're looking at low-income groups, " says Mr Sorrel. 1
29. "There is a lot of potential here, " said Lawrence Kobilinsky, a DNAexpert and chairman of the Department of Forensic Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. 1
30. "There is no doubt this just adds to the allure to a potential Facebook IPO," said Morningstar IPO strategist Bill Buhr. 1

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