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# Sentence Times
1. A novel chemical analysis method for determination of Antibiotic LY-92 potency was investigated by colorimetric analysis. 1
2. A useful but not completely reliable indicator of potency. 1
3. Alcohol abuse in men can cause loss of sex drive and reduced potency. 1
4. Alcohol increases the drug's potency. 1
5. Among these, the most precious one is the timbal, as a symbol of potency, wealth and totem worship. 1
6. Analgesics were given in increasing doses and ascending potency until pain was controlled. 1
7. And coriander honey, the poster announces in extra - large print, increases male potency. 1
8. As a part of the limited resource of television, VBI(Vertical Blanking Interval)′s potency is emphasized by people gradually. 1
9. At present studying in potency, as the disease condition of animal test model of tinea corporis is serious, some antifungal chinese drugs that have a weak potency fail to take effect. 2
10. Beautiful Bai Danban: Displays the beautiful white potency immediately, degenerates rapidly the color spot, the consolidated beautiful white effect, dresses up naturally the flesh rich elasticity Li. 1
11. Because of their symbolic potency cowrie shells were often copied in precious metals. 1
12. Beware of inconsistent potency with this product. 1
13. Bone marrow-derived stem cells showed potency to chondrogenesis in various culture conditions. 1
14. But we can be reasonably sure that the drug company will not guarantee the potency of the sample beyond its sell-by date. 1
15. CONCLUSION The study led to the preparation of Ophiophagus hannah antivenin with high speciality and high potency. 1
16. Conclusion: Chinese medicine inside and outside treating chronic pelvic cavity inflammation is far to raise potency. 1
17. Conclusion: in the current technology, virulence and potency is in linear. 1
18. CONCLUSION: Luciferase reporter vectors regulated by HRE/CMV promoters were successfully constructed, which makes it possible to further investigate their potency of hypoxia regulation. 1
19. Conclusions A rapid, highly effective method for the preparation of antivenin against the venom of Hydrophis cynocinctus has been developed, and a high potency antivenin has been prepared. 1
20. Consuming large amounts of alcohol can significantly reduce a man's potency. 1
21. Determine the serum antibody concentration of mice by RIA and calculate ED50 and relative potency. 1
22. Different inoculation routes could result in different immunologic potency and persistent time. 1
23. Does your mate feel secure in himself about his attractiveness and potency? 1
24. Enhancement institution administration potency construction, implement science government service achievements management. 1
25. Estimate the potency degradation rate constant at low temperature with that at high temperature according to Arrhenius equation. 1
26. Excessive consumption of beer affects masculinity and leads to belly growth, enlarged lacteal glands and decreased potency. 1
27. Follicular fluid serving as the culture medium for the growth and differentiation of oocyte, influenced fertility and upgrowth potency of oocyte either directly or indirectly. 1
28. For determining antibiotic potency by microbiological assay technique . Especially for Vancomycin. 1
29. Giving is the highest expression of potency. In the very act of giving, I experience my strength, my wealth, my power. This experience of heightened vitality and potency fills me with joy. I experience myself as overflowing, spending, alive, hence as joyo 2
30. He found that by giving the salt in low potency there was often an improvement in the patient's well-being. 1

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