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# Sentence Times
1. A few technical glitches forced us to postpone the demonstration. 1
2. A full development of this theme is postponed until Chapter 5. do this however, is not always clear. 1
3. A new novel by Crichton had been tentatively scheduled to come out next month, but publisher HarperCollins said the book was postponed indefinitely. 1
4. A plan to plant 20 trees in Witham to mark the new millennium has been postponed. 1
5. A planned military drill that has raised tensions between North and South Korea has been postponed because of bad weather. 1
6. A referendum to determine the future of the island has been postponed indefinitely. 1
7. A second weakness is that even when infection does occur, illness is postponed for many years, perhaps even decades. 1
8. A Washington rocket scientist about a launch that was postponed many, many times. 1
9. A Washington rocket scientist tells about a launch that was postponed many, many times. 1
10. About 1,000 operations had been postponed and even cancer patients were being delayed. 1
11. According to the postponement of 3G evolvement, GPRS is the unique choice for the carrier to provide mobile user the high speed data service. 1
12. Accordingly, postponement of retirement would be rewarded by an increased pension. 1
13. Acrylamide inhibited the nerve terminal sprouting number, postponed the peak time of nerve terminal sprouting, and delayed recovery of neuromuscular junction function. 1
14. Action was postponed until another day. 1
15. After considerable procrastination, they eventually settle on equivocal courses of action that serve only to postpone the long-dreaded day of judgment. 1
16. After many difficulties and postponements, the ship was ready for launching. 1
17. Against Gorbachev's wishes a vote on the issue had to be postponed until the following day. 1
18. Agreement on philosophical issues does not risk endless postponement, as does agreement in the special sciences. 1
19. Ahhas been the great misfortune of our Alsace always to postpone its lessons until to - morrow. 1
20. All he need fear is a general postponement of Britain's economic recovery. 1
21. All that the judge may order is a postponement until the risk to the administration of justice has passed. 1
22. All the others ties were postponed because of waterlogged grounds. 1
23. All these areas will be prone to delays and postponements. 1
24. Alternating child-care responsibility is a far cry from asking a woman to postpone her career to raise her children. 1
25. Although the ignition delay period of E-diesel was postponed, the combustion duration was shortened and the mean indication pressure was enhanced. 1
26. An ancient Egyptian princess might have been able to postpone her mummification if she had cut the calories and exercised more, medical experts say. 1
27. An earlier poll planned for October 1990 had also been postponed. 1
28. An outcry from dentists around the country this week forced the Government to postpone their decision on the payments until May 1. 1
29. And biologists at universities are wary of spending years designing an experiment that may be postponed or lost in space. 1
30. And the end of last year several problems that lead to cash delivery once postponed. 1


[pōˈspōn, pōstˈpōn]



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