Polymerization Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A catalyst accelerator is aluminum triethide, and is matched for vinyl polymerization reaction. 1
2. A composite nanofiltration membrane is fabricated by the interfacial polymerization supported on a microporous polysulfone substrate, using PDMAEMA as the prepolymer of the crosslinking reaction. 1
3. A graded-index (GI was mixed into polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), was prepared by interfacial-gel polymerization, and the preparation technology was studied. 1
4. A hardening agent mixed with the monomer will induce polymerization. 1
5. A high oil absorptive resin was synthesized by suspension polymerization using methylacrylate as monomer. 1
6. A high water absorption polyacrylic acid resin was obtained using inverse suspension polymerization. 1
7. A low density polyethylene produced by a low pressure process, by Ziegler-Natta polymerization or by use of the Phillips process. 1
8. A method for preparation of anionic organosiloxane emulsion polymerization of octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) was introduced. 1
9. A new CAD software for caprolactam polymerization was reported. Its reliability was verified by the results from plants with single VK tube polymerization or two step polymerization. 3
10. A new kind of combined impeller was presented based on the special requirement of polymerization and its mixed property was studied. 1
11. A new type of phenolic resin adhesive for casting was prepared by condensation polymerization of furfuryl alcohol and the reaction product between phenol, phenylphenol, urea and formaldehyde. 1
12. A non - formaldehyde self - cross - linking acrylate binder has been prepared by seed emulsion polymerization. 1
13. A non - formaldehyde self - cross-linking acrylic emulsion has been prepared by seed emulsion polymerization. 1
14. A novel kind of ladderlike polysilsesquioxane having side-chain with chloropropyl terminal group was prepared by "Stepwise Coupling Polymerization". 0
15. A novel ladderlike polysiloxane with a reactive side group was synthesized via stepwise coupling polymerization. 1
16. A polyurea-chlorocyclophosphazene microcapsule flame retardant was prepared by interfacial polymerization with 2,4-toluene diisocyanate(TDI) and hexanediamine as the raw materials. 1
17. A range of polystyrene nonspherical particles was prepared by concentrated emulsion polymerization pathway. 1
18. A research is madethe production process of the high NV reactive acrylic resin by solution polymerization. 1
19. A series of adhesives were prepared from chlorinated polypropylene, vinyl triethoxy silane and styrene by solution polymerization, using benezoperoxide as initiator and xylene as solvent. 1
20. A silicone - acrylic grafted copolymer emulsion has been prepared by seeding emulsion polymerization. 1
21. A slightly crosslinked nanophase acrylate latex was synthesized by semicontinuous seeding emulsion polymerization technology. 1
22. A synthetic rubber made from the polymerization of butadiene sodium. 1
23. A thin silicon oxide encapsulation film was coated on the surface of ultra-fine phosphate glass particles for electronic paste by high frequency plasma polymerization of hexamethyldisiloxanc. 1
24. A water borne anti-rust coating has been prepared by free-radical polymerization based on unsaturated monomer with carboxyl group and other monomers. 1
25. A water dispersed SBS grafted polymer was synthesized by free radical polymerization. 1
26. AA was synthesized by means of inverse suspension polymerization by FT - IR, DSC, TGA and absorbency measurement. 1
27. Acrylic emulsion containing 10 % carboxyl was prepared by way of soap - free polymerization. 1
28. Added monomer diffuses into the micelle for polymerization. 1
29. After chlorine is introduced into the ortho-position of aniline, the polymerization rate of the monomer decreases markedly, the formed polymer is hydrolyzed easily. 1
30. Aiming at the fuzziness existing in the zoned limit of slope stability, the multi stage fuzzy classification polymerization method is established by fuzzy mathematics. 1


[pəˌlimərəˈzāSHən, ˌpäləmərəˈzāSHən, ˌpäləməˌrīˈzāSHən]