Polymerisation Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use polymerisation, so you can learn how to use polymerisation in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word polymerisation here, and see the words sound like or similar to polymerisation

# Sentence Times
1. A compound required to start a chain reaction, such as free - radical polymerisation. 1
2. A number of chemists had experimented with the polymerisation of ethylene using catalysts. 1
3. Different maltodextrins are distinguished by two indexes which are dextrose equivalent and degree of polymerisation. 1
4. Explain why the extraction of casein from milk is not a polymerisation reaction. 1
5. For most polymers. made by addition polymerisation, this is done by heating the polymer above its ceiling temperature in the absence of oxygen. 1
6. Keep away from acids, reducing agents and polymerisation catalysts. 1
7. Other polymers, such as those made by step growth polymerisation may be more easily depolymerised. by undoing the condensation or elimination reaction that caused the monomer units to join. 1
8. Synthetic aliphatic polyesters are synthesised from diols and dicarboxylic acids via condensation polymerisation, and are known to be completely biodegradable in soil and water. 1
9. The brightening polyester chip is made by addition of brightening agent during the polymerisation. 1
10. The extra-oral treatment requires processing at temperatures closer to the glass transition temperature where segmental mobility allows additional polymerisation. 1
11. The invention also envisages a method for the preparation of a coloured polymer, the method comprising performing a polymerisation reaction in the presence of such a catalyst. 1
12. The relations of the different characteristics of maltodextrin with dextrose equivalent and degree of polymerisation are also reviewed. 1
13. The third approach involves: 1 the controlled polymerisation or crystallisation of these molecules. 1
14. This advance has been made possible through a patented polymerisation breakthrough technology. 1