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1. A highly reliable electrolytic condenser and an electric double layer condenser can be obtained by using this ionically conductive polymeric electrolyte. 1
2. A kind of polymeric fatliquor PCF was synthesized via free copolymerization from amided colza oil succinate, acrylic acid and vinyl acetate. 1
3. A kind of polymeric fatliquor PCF was synthesized via free copolymerization from amided colza oil succinate(sentencedict .com), acrylic acid and vinyl acetate. 1
4. A method for inhibiting the formation of polymeric based fouling deposits normally formed during the caustic washing of hydrocarbons is disclosed. 1
5. A method for inhibiting the formation of polymeric based fouling deposits normally formed during the caustic washing to hydrocarbons is disclosed. 1
6. A new Cationic polymeric Flocculant DMC Copolymer P ( DMC - AM ) is used to treat tannery wastewater. 1
7. A working substance has been prepared by treating perfluorinated polymeric oils and greases. 1
8. Abstract: Polyphosphazenes are inorganic polymeric functional materialsthat have unique characterization. 1
9. According to the structure and oxidation mechanism of rosin, the light-colored reaction of polymeric rosin with phenols, phosphite ester, thioester and etc. 1
10. An aqueous composition including the aqueous emulsion polymer and a polymeric coating including the polymer are also provided as are certain related processes. 1
11. At present polymeric condition, the capacity of PECS has improved to some extent in zinc salt precipitation inhibition and ferric oxide dispersion compare with PESA. 1
12. Four prospective randomised trials have investigated the role of polymeric formulas in Crohn's disease. 1
13. However, because of the two dithiadiazole functionalities at either end of the molecule, the solid state structure is polymeric rather than dimeric. 1
14. In order to reveal the detail structure of the polymeric materials, the selective etching treatment of the materials is necessary. 1
15. In this paper, lower polyformaldehyde and solid formaldehyde is distinguished by combining the productive method with the quality indexes of polymeric degree clearly. 1
16. It was found that a dense polymeric interface layer would be formed on the surface of solid fillers due to the interaction between paniculate filler surface and epoxy matrix. 1
17. Many silicate minerals also have polymeric chain structures. 1
18. Mechanisms to enhance FCC light oil yield and to lower the coke yield(i. e. strengthening FCC process) by adding polymeric active additives in the feedstock were introduced. 1
19. Methods Selected acid polymeric monomers were melted with polymeric monomers of good polarity, effusion and thawing power and with water that can produce ion combination reaction against carboxyl. 2
20. Molecularly imprinted polymeric microspheres ( MIPMs ) for S - naproxen were prepared in aqueous system by one - step swelling polymerization. 1
21. Novel polymeric adsorbents containing amino-group and hydroxyl-group with high adsorption capacity for bilirubin were synthesized. 1
22. Nowadays one of the most economical and effective methods to produce multi-use office paper is surface sizing with combining modified starch and synthetic polymeric agents. 1
23. On the basis of the study on polymeric slab optical waveguide, a novel single moded polymeric converse ridge waveguide was designed and fabricated. 2
24. On the rigid surfaces of non - ferrous metal as finish , concrete, asbestos-cement board, plank, polymeric ester etc. 1
25. On the rigid surfaces of non - ferrous metal, concrete, asbestos - cement board, plank, polymeric ester. 1
26. Once injected into an aqueous environment, the polymeric mixture solidified into a solid implant due to the leaching of NMP. 1
27. Polyvinylidene fluoride ( PVDF ) as a biomaterial: from polymeric raw material to monofilament vascular suture. 1
28. Protein precipitate analysis method and traditional sulfur dioxide bleaching analysis method were applied together to determine monomeric anthocyanins in polymeric pigments. 1
29. Semi-processed polymeric articles, impregnated with a flammable gas or liquid as a blowing agent; may evolve small quantities of flammable gas. 1
30. SH a new polymeric material of chemical sand - fixation . 1




polymers (plural noun)

  - adjective form of polymer


  - a substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together, e.g., many synthetic organic materials used as plastics and resins.


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