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# Sentence Times
1. "bubble" formed by RNA polymerase move in 10s? 1
2. "I asked, What's the probability that I would see a human DNA polymerase sequence and another protein with an E. coli DNA polymerase sequence?" he explained. 2
3. A panel of 24 oral fluids was used to investigate if measles virus haemagglutinin (H genes could be amplified by polymerase chain reaction directly from used POCT strips. 1
4. A polymerase chain reaction ( PCR . 1
5. A specific semi-nested RT-PCR based on the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene in AF469603 of Chinese bee (Apis sinensis) sacbrood virus was established to detect Chinese bee sacbrood virus. 1
6. A thermostable DNA polymerase is added to the same tube. 1
7. A variety of RNA polymerase containing zinc, while the nuclear of acid reductase action is dependent on iron. 1
8. Abstract Object To identify and detect Dermatophagoides farina (D. fby polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology. 1
9. Alu polymerase chain reaction is enormously valuable. 1
10. As bases are added by polymerase to the starting point of a new complementary strand, known as a primer, or recognized by ligase as a match, the template's sequence is revealed. 1
11. Beta - exotoxin is an inhibitor of RNA polymerase and acts competitively with ATP in various biological processes. 1
12. Biochemical reaction, coagglutination test, metabolism inhibition test, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay, and DNA sequencing were employed to identify the isolated microorganisms. 1
13. Biochip technology is a great breakthrough of life science after recombinant DNA technology and polymerase chain reaction. 1
14. Briefly, most mature miRNAs are the products of RNA polymerase II-transcribed transcripts that have been processed by two RNase III enzymes, Drosha and Dicer. 1
15. By polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the seasonal variation of the phytoplasmal amounts in mulberry tree was determined. 1
16. Component of prokaryotic RNA polymerase holoenzyme. 1
17. Conclusion The influenza virus RNA polymerase PB1 1 is subcloned and expressed in E. coli successfully. 1
18. Conclusion The protein, RNA polymerase subunit encoded putatively by the clone, is high conservative in different species. 1
19. Current TB drugs known as rifamycins also act on RNA polymerase, but they do it in a different way. 1
20. Details of the polymerase chain reaction are given in a previous publication. 1
21. DNA molecule to RNA polymerase binds, initiating the transcription of RNA. 1
22. DNA molecule to which RNA polymerase binds, initiating the transcription of messenger RNA. 1
23. DNA saturation experiment is a convenient method for measuring the relative amount and specific activity of RNA polymerase. 1
24. Expression of apoptosis - related proteins ( Caspase - 3 , Caspase - 8 and poly ADP - ribose polymerase ( PARP was determined by immunohistochemistry. 1
25. Gene site DNA amplification was analyzed with polymerase chain reaction - single strand conformation polymorphism ( PCR - SSCP ). 1
26. Genome DNA was extracted from white blood cell. polymerase chain reaction (PCR were employed to study C-344T polymorphism of CYP11B2 gene. 1
27. How far along the DNA would the transcription "bubble" formed by RNA polymerase move in 10s? 1
28. However, it did not show precipitin lines with 615 mouse liver RNA polymerases A, C or E. 1
29. In H5N1, perhaps the most important of these proteins is RNA polymerase, which contains the instructions that allows the virus to copy itself along with all of its genetic material. 1
30. In laboratories, the methods mainly include polymerase chain reaction, restriction fragment length polymorphism, and biochip technology. 1




polymerases (plural noun)

  - an enzyme which brings about the formation of a particular polymer, especially DNA or RNA.See also transcriptase.


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