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# Sentence Times
31. A kind of technical process, by which cation modified asphalt emulsion was prepared with polymer added to cation serum and then mixed with 70 heavy asphalt was introduced. 1
32. A low density polyethylene produced by a low pressure process, by Ziegler-Natta polymerization or by use of the Phillips process. 1
33. A maize field experiment was conducted on PCU made by macromolecule polymer coat technology and their fertilizer efficiency compared to common urea. 1
34. A method for increasing the floccule size and volume of alumina trihydrate during the Bayer processing of bauxite ore using a flocculant in conjunction with a water continuous polymer. 1
35. A method for inhibiting the formation of polymeric based fouling deposits normally formed during the caustic washing of hydrocarbons is disclosed. 1
36. A method for inhibiting the formation of polymeric based fouling deposits normally formed during the caustic washing to hydrocarbons is disclosed. 1
37. A method for preparation of anionic organosiloxane emulsion polymerization of octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) was introduced. 1
38. A new CAD software for caprolactam polymerization was reported. Its reliability was verified by the results from plants with single VK tube polymerization or two step polymerization. 3
39. A new Cationic Polymeric Flocculant DMC Copolymer P ( DMC - AM ) is used to treat tannery wastewater. 0
40. A New Fluorine - containing polymer Dispersant Synthesis. 1
41. A new kind of combined impeller was presented based on the special requirement of polymerization and its mixed property was studied. 1
42. A new kind of pendant viologen polymer, PVSEO21, which had electrochromic behavior and solid electrolyte property, was synthesized. 1
43. A new lubricant which graft silicon polymer into peanut oil is described in this paper. 1
44. A new polymer bonded plastic explosive was developed to meet the needs of explosion hardening. 1
45. A new type of phenolic resin adhesive for casting was prepared by condensation polymerization of furfuryl alcohol and the reaction product between phenol, phenylphenol, urea and formaldehyde. 1
46. A new type of strongly polar organic polymer porous layer open tubular column (OPPLOT-A) was prepared by in situ copolymerization of acrylonitrile and divinylbenzene. 1
47. A new vinyl polymer retanning agent has been synthesized by using orthogonal layout. 1
48. A non - formaldehyde self - cross - linking acrylate binder has been prepared by seed emulsion polymerization. 1
49. A non - formaldehyde self - cross-linking acrylic emulsion has been prepared by seed emulsion polymerization. 1
50. A novel kind of ladderlike polysilsesquioxane having side-chain with chloropropyl terminal group was prepared by "Stepwise Coupling Polymerization". 0
51. A novel ladderlike polysiloxane with a reactive side group was synthesized via stepwise coupling polymerization. 1
52. A novel method, in-situ chlorinating graft copolymerization (ISCGC), was employed to synthesize grafting copolymers of chlorinated polymers. 1
53. A novel type of silicone polymer, organic polysilane interrupted by heteroatoms was introduced. 1
54. A number of chemists had experimented with the polymerisation of ethylene using catalysts. 1
55. A panel of 24 oral fluids was used to investigate if measles virus haemagglutinin (H genes could be amplified by polymerase chain reaction directly from used POCT strips. 1
56. A polymer containing special element as a tackifier is synthesized, and the tackifier can be used to improve the self-fusing properties of silicone rubber. 1
57. A polymer forms over the marks and shows them up in a kind of 3-D relief. 1
58. A polymer of adenylic acid attached to messenger RNA that stabilizes the molecule before transport from the nucleus into the cytoplasm. 1
59. A polymer VSMA , which could be used as diesel pour point depressants acylamide as material. 1
60. A polymer VSMA, which could be used as diesel pour point depressants, was copolymerized with vinyl acetate, styrene, maleates and acylamide as material. 1




polymers (plural noun)

  - a substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together, e.g., many synthetic organic materials used as plastics and resins.


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