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1. "bubble" formed by RNA polymerase move in 10s? 1
2. "I asked, What's the probability that I would see a human DNA polymerase sequence and another protein with an E. coli DNA polymerase sequence?" he explained. 2
3. "They probably do not have the chance to entangle like a ' card-carrying ' polymer would do, " Jaeger said. "The molecules are anchored to the gold particles, but only on one end. 1
4. A 45 % glass reinforced, lubricated liquid crystal polymer resin with improved toughness. 1
5. A brief introduction is given to the application of three dimentional solubility parameters to predict miscibility of PVC / homopolymer , PVC / copolymer and PVC / heterochain polymer blends. 1
6. A catalyst accelerator is aluminum triethide, and is matched for vinyl polymerization reaction. 1
7. A chain - growth polymer raised above the ceiling temperature will degrade, or depolymerize. 1
8. A color forming composition or composite can include a polymer matrix, a thermally modifiable fluoran leuco dye having a latent developer attached thereto, and a radiation absorber. 1
9. A colorless liquid polymer, C 6 H 12 O 3, of acetaldehyde, used as a solvent and a sedative. 1
10. A comparative test was made on the tread compounds with different polymer blending ratios and different tackifying resins to improve the properties of SR tread compound. 1
11. A composite nanofiltration membrane is fabricated by the interfacial polymerization supported on a microporous polysulfone substrate, using PDMAEMA as the prepolymer of the crosslinking reaction. 1
12. A compound required to start a chain reaction, such as free - radical polymerisation. 1
13. A comprehensive indoor experiment and application at - site were done for the compound ion polymer drilling fluid. 1
14. A comprehensive indoor experiment and application at well-site were done for the compound ion polymer drilling fluid. 1
15. A designed organic compound of triazine thiols monosodium(TTN on pure copper by polymer plating. 1
16. A dimer comprising a mutated neublastin polypeptide coupled to a polymer is disclosed. 1
17. A fine method is wrapping around the surface of ammonium nitrate by polymer, and forming a hydrophobe layer on the surface. 1
18. A further study is made on the condition of adsorption, cross linking and elution of this molecular engram polymer as well as its adsorbability on TPT. 1
19. A graded-index (GI was mixed into polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), was prepared by interfacial-gel polymerization, and the preparation technology was studied. 1
20. A group led by Byung Hee Hong of Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea made high-quality films that the scientists stamped onto a clear, bendable polymer. The result was a transparent electrode. 1
21. A hardening agent mixed with the monomer will induce polymerization. 1
22. A high oil absorptive resin was synthesized by suspension polymerization using methylacrylate as monomer. 1
23. A high polymer is a very large aggregation of units. 1
24. A high water absorbent polymer is synthesised using acrylamide, acrylic and vinylorganosilicon. 1
25. A high water absorption polyacrylic acid resin was obtained using inverse suspension polymerization. 1
26. A highly reliable electrolytic condenser and an electric double layer condenser can be obtained by using this ionically conductive polymeric electrolyte. 1
27. A humidity sensor is fabricated with the composite material of nanometer lanthanum ferrite and the polymer. 1
28. A kind of polymeric fatliquor PCF was synthesized via free copolymerization from amided colza oil succinate, acrylic acid and vinyl acetate. 1
29. A kind of polymeric fatliquor PCF was synthesized via free copolymerization from amided colza oil succinate(sentencedict .com), acrylic acid and vinyl acetate. 1
30. A kind of sealant with the mixed toughener of the condensation polymer of polyether-diepoxy- furaldehyde -cyclohexanone was studied. The sealant obtained low viscosity and high property. 1




polymers (plural noun)

  - a substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together, e.g., many synthetic organic materials used as plastics and resins.


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