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# Sentence Times
1. He is one of the best tenor sax players ever. 1
2. 'This may have recalled the brave hand-to-hand combat of the Korean War and China's players may fight well, but this is still a loss of face, ' wrote a Weibo user going by the name of Liu Zhe. 1
3. 'We can't make any assurances to the Dutch but even if the lineup is very different from the two previous ones I can assure you that all the players who play will be hungry for victory. 1
4. "As the large get larger, major domestic and foreign players with strong parents should survive as the market consolidates," said Mavis Hui, retail analyst with DBS Vickers in Hong Kong. 1
5. "He can be as proud of his career as some of the greatest players in this game, " Van Gundy told the Seattle Post- Intelligencer before this season... 1
6. "If we pay players, how far do we go?" Gresson asked pertinently. 1
7. "Our fan research shows that people think N.B.A. players complain too much," Jackson said. 1
8. "the waitress said, some players just for the sake gambling hall" preferential "tens of dollars subhead, always come from taking the time to visit. 1
9. "World of Warcraft" is now welcoming his fifth birthday, while it was only a game in which enables the players reincarnate themselves into warlock, warrior, orcish and numen any longer. 1
10. A 2006 study of youth athletes in Quebec City turned up the provocative finding that young, high-level swimmers wheezed and coughed far more often than young, indoor soccer players. 1
11. A bright and sunny beach setting provides required visibility for Ultimate Frisbee players, helping them locate the Frisbee as it glides through the air. 1
12. A brouhaha by the football players resulted in three black eyes. 1
13. A certain bench in the park, near the chess players, ordinary things, not unusual in any way. 1
14. A chatty factory girl called Liu Yaqing explained that the plant where she assembles DVD players had closed its canteen after the Lunar New Year holidays, which ended in early February. 1
15. A complete statement about the toll football players willingly pay for the right to say they play football. 1
16. A conditioning coach recommended exercises for the enhancement of leg extensor strength for six groups of athletes- elite, intermediate and beginning volleyball players and ski jumpers. 1
17. A couple summers ago, there was a really good team consisting of players who were all of the Caucasian persuasion. 1
18. A domino game was cut short when one of the players clawed his jacket to shreds trying to ward off the spiders. 1
19. A few of the players were in the batting cage warming up. 1
20. A few other players checked their watches, eager to stop fielding questions that only the Games can really answer now. 1
21. A few players turned cartwheels at the edge of the field to celebrate their victory. 1
22. A few yards away, several Brazilian players lay on the turf, bewildered and beaten. 1
23. A flock of players form an organization, induct other player initiate ceaselessly. 1
24. A game played on a checkerboard by two players, each using 12 pieces. 1
25. A good coach has to make sure not overtax his star players. 1
26. A group of fans spat on the players as they left the field. 1
27. A Hothead helmet will get football players off the field before heat stroke sets in, a problem that's killed 39 players since 1995. 2
28. A lifeless performance left manager Lennie Lawrence wondering whether his players are suffering battle fatigue after a hectic cup-and-league programme. 1
29. A lot of players get discouraged and quit. 1
30. A manager's job is to instil determination into his players. 1

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