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# Sentence Times
1. " playboy " why to meet is one paper faddish ? 1
2. "In order to make the list, you had to be a school where fun happens, so we threw that out and went to other criteria," said playboy Assistant Editor Rocky Rakovic. 1
3. "Maxim and FHM are called laddy magazines. We can be called a Dad magazine," Beting Laygo Dolor, playboy Philippines' editor, told reporters on Thursday. 1
4. "The smoking jacket isn't just something I like to wear around the mansion," Playboy's iconic founder Hugh Hefner, 84, says in a video posted on the site. "It's Playboy's safe for work website. 0
5. A fire at playboy, a clothing store, killed one. 1
6. A.J.P. Taylor sees its decline more in terms of the failure of leadership: Mosley was in fact a highly gifted playboy. 1
7. According to playboy, Monroe is "the juiciest morsel to come out of the California hills since the discovery of the navel orange." 1
8. After the playboy married, he steadied down. 1
9. And they're not like playboy movies where you have big-breasted women frolicking under a waterfall. 1
10. Bao Dai might have been a weak, unpredictable, corruptible playboy, but he was no fool. 1
11. Both an ascetic monk and a high-living playboy may assign 1000 units to a steak and 100 units to a potato . 1
12. But he is a dye - in - the - wood playboy and cheater, cannot such appellation. 1
13. But Rocky will soon have company in the region: Tarzan, Lee and a former playboy model. 1
14. By 1981, it was reputedly the most profitable casino in the world, buttressing much of the playboy empire with its gambling revenues. 1
15. Can you introduce me to the 50 year old playboy DJ tonight? 1
16. Compared with playboy Playmates, as the Hefner centerfold models were known, Penthouse Pets were arrayed in more provocative poses. 1
17. December 1953: Marilyn Monroe appears on the cover and as the centerfold of the first issue of playboy magazine. 1
18. Do they have hookers or old Playboys or cable porn? 0
19. Earlier this month, the 44-year-old playboy was caught by paparazzi French-kissing a young lady at a nightspot. 1
20. Father was a rich playboy. 1
21. Few men who pick up playboy can get away with the line that they buy the magazine only for the articles. 1
22. For a woman to be in playboy is the same as a guy being featured in Success magazine. 1
23. From the time of Barbie on, both the buxom playboy types and the brunette model types got thinner and thinner. 1
24. Have you found any new sources to replace Playboy's Playmate of the Month as the contemporary odalisque? 0
25. He has been given the label of " playboy ". 1
26. He later had his own studio in Havana, and an expensive playboy lifestyle. 1
27. He now frankly admits that much of his former playboy lifestyle was superficial. 1
28. Her unconventional attitude and charismatic joie de vivre made her an attractive companion for affluent young playboys. 1
29. Hidden in the playboy interview, almost subliminally, is a scouting report, reviewing Shaq in every possible field. 1
30. His fiction has appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, playboy, Zoetrope, The Georgia Review, and New Stories from the South. 1

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