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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use play, so you can learn how to use play in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word play here, and see the words sound like or similar to play

# Sentence Times
1. He is one of the best tenor sax players ever. 1
2. “It turns out these centromeres play a critical role in passing out one copy of each chromosome to each daughter cell, ” said Page. 1
3. 'Hamlet' is the least amenable of all Shakespeare's plays to being summarized. 1
4. 'Let's play make-believe,' said Sam. 1
5. 'Macbeth' is playing at the Theatre Royal in York. 1
6. 'No; I am going to play backgammon with you, if you like,' said the Doctor. 1
7. 'Not to'understand your play,'returned the spy, somewhat uneasily. 1
8. 'She's the worst player in the team.' 'Oh, I don't know -she played well yesterday.' 1
9. 'stinking bitches, fetch that cuckold to play for us. 1
10. 'The companion galaxy that looks as if it's playing peek-a-boo through the larger galaxy could have plunged through, poking a hole, ' said Helou. 1
11. 'There's something wonderfully calming about playing bocce 53 stories in the air, ' Mr. Ewton said. 1
12. 'This may have recalled the brave hand-to-hand combat of the Korean War and China's players may fight well, but this is still a loss of face, ' wrote a Weibo user going by the name of Liu Zhe. 1
13. 'To play a Stradivari, to bring that wonderful sound to life', there can be no greater pleasure for the violinist. 1
14. 'We can't make any assurances to the Dutch but even if the lineup is very different from the two previous ones I can assure you that all the players who play will be hungry for victory. 2
15. 'We didn't play very well.' 'Speak for yourself!' . 1
16. 'What is it?' I asked, playing dumb . 1
17. 'Would you like to play?' 'No thanks-I'll just watch.' 1
18. 'You played brilliantly.' 'Not really,' Ian replied with false modesty . 1
19. " Aren't you playing mahjong, Sister - in - law? " 1
20. " i really enjoyed it , " van persie told arsenal . com afterwards . " in the first - half we played a good passing game but did not break through. 1
21. " Mr Cheung opened after MMS spent inside player is a young woman dancing striptease, the bottom of the screen read, "Jimo a unit Yanwu show. 1
22. " Play'My Old Kentucky Home,'" he suggested smoothly, and Scarlett gratefully plunged into it. 0
23. " playboy " why to meet is one paper faddish ? 1
24. " Reluctantly, I strapped on the accordion and played some simple songs. 1
25. " The following year, he got his sixth for playing a down-and-out alcoholic attorney in "The Verdict. 1
26. " The results of this study "demonstrated that at the most commonly used dose, diphenhydramine may play no role in treating infant sleep problems. 1
27. " There,'she said playfully, pointing a finger at him. 1
28. " Who plays mahjong? " interrupted the president. 1
29. "A Five Minute Hamlet" is a very funny spoof of Shakespeare's most famous play. 1
30. "As a fan, I would say that Xabi is a great player. I think he is the best passer of the ball in Europe, " he told the Radio Television Espanola programme, '59 Seconds'. 1

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