Plague Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "Carcharias war cannibal crocodile" was December 21, 2010 in the U. S. film to be shown on the plague. 1
2. A cholera plague had been killing many prisoners of war at the time. 1
3. A doctor swathed in protective gear checks a patient in Manchuria during the 1910-11 outbreak of pneumatic plague, the last before the discovery of sulpha drugs in 1933. 1
4. A judgmental infelicity plagued past generations. 1
5. A nother thing I read in the article was that onions and garlic placed around the room saved many from the black plague years ago. They have powerful antibacterial, antiseptic properties. 1
6. A plague of cholera broke out, causing sixty deaths in the first week. 1
7. A plague of locusts afflicted the land. 1
8. A plague of squirrels is threatening our forests. 1
9. A plague of uniformity is sweeping the world, numbing the taste buds and reducing the gene pool. 1
10. A plague on you and your damned percentages! 1
11. A strain of Ypcsth resistant to plague phage was isolated from an infected grey ma-tmot, Marmota baibacina, in a natural plague focus of Tianshan Mountainous Districts. 2
12. A terrible plague hit the whole Europe. 1
13. A usually fatal epidemic disease, especially bubonic plague. 1
14. A wild cat passes near, somebody spots a yak, there is talk of a new plague of wolves. 1
15. About this time in 1989, the news magazines were chock-full of cover stories pronouncing computer viruses worse than the plague and as evil as technology could get. 1
16. Absent was the public bickering over economic stimulus versus regulation that had plagued the runup to their session. 1
17. According to clinical manifestations, epidemiological investigation and laboratory test results, the experts identified as pneumonic plague. 1
18. Accordingly, its method of subsistence was to develop immunity to the blights and plagues visiting other kinds of trees. 1
19. Active long-term surveillance of zoonotic foci and rapid response to reduce exposure during epizootic outbreaks have been successful in reducing human plague. 1
20. After Ray came out of the reform school many of his former friends avoided him like the plague. 1
21. After Ray came out reform school many of his former friends avoided him like the plague. 1
22. Afterwards he was reticent about the ill-fortune which has plagued him. 1
23. Agar gel precipitin test showed the virus had precipitation reaction with gosling plague virus(GPV) positive sera. Typical particles of parvovirus were observed by electronic microscope. 1
24. AIDS has been called a sexual plague. 1
25. Alice Foley, growing up in Bolton during the 1890s, remembered the plague of houseflies emanating from the privies in summer. 1
26. Also patron of good weather and rain; he is invoked against bad luck and plague. 1
27. Also patron of good weather and rain; he is invoked against misfortune and plague. 1
28. Although they once fought with grim efficiency in the name of the Emperor, the Night Lords were among the first to turn to the darkness, sowing misery and fear like a plague across unnumbered worlds. 1
29. an outbreak of plague. 1
30. And being a mathematician, he got even his own particular point wrong, introducing the form of the law of diminishing marginal utility that would return to plague economic thought in future centuries. 1

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