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# Sentence Times
1. As the skirt was too 1ong, she had to pinup the hem. 1
2. He caught a glimpse of a pinup calendar above a dressing table, some bars of Lifebuoy soap. 1
3. He was fifty-four, and any trace of the pinup handsomeness of his youth was gone. 1
4. He's becoming the thinking woman's pinup . 1
5. Now 30 years old, according to her official biography, Croft is becoming a pinup. 1
6. Others who joined in sponsoring the law said it could help curb pinups and other visual imagery that demeans women. 1
7. Patrick agreed, although she had not thought of herself as the pinup type. 1
8. Patton says everyone from Playboy pinup fave Dean Yeagle and downtown street sensation Robert Vargas to one of the South Park guys pops in periodically. 1
9. Radios, phonographs and pinups were forbidden. 1
10. Solve the puzzle the pinup girl. After solving the puzzle you get another sexy girl puzzle to solve. 1
11. Starting in the 1940s pinup era, there were liquid silicone oil injections for breast enlargement (bad idea: leakage, inflammation, granulomas) followed, in 1962, by silicone-filled implants. 1
12. That takes most of us back to childhood when our Mother was yelling at us and threatening to take away TV privileges if we didn't clean up our room or it is a classic 1950′s pinup pose. 1
13. The former pinup girl felt she was getting old by Hollywood standards, and was dealing with increasing pressures. 1
14. The more quests you answer correct, the more you will see of the lovely pinup girl pictures. 1
15. There is not much evidence that this edict reached those responsible for the creative pinup artwork on the A-2 jackets in many bomber and fighter units. 1
16. With feathered blonde hair, natural lips and precisely shaped eyebrows, Paris Hilton (right) wound back the clock 30 years, to the pinup days of Charlie's Angels' Farrah Fawcett. 1
17. You may find your partner isn't quite so comfortable if they think you are imagining them as your childhood pinup or ex-partner, though. 1
18. Your mission to see more and more sexy pinup girls is to solve the code sex! 1




pin-up (noun) · pin-ups (plural noun) · pinups (plural noun)

  - a poster showing a famous person or sex symbol, designed to be displayed on a wall.


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