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# Sentence Times
1. A sickle-shaped creature was darting toward Chimney Rock, two sandstone pinnacles that cap a long, narrow rock platform. 1
2. A walker fell 80ft from a rocky pinnacle. 1
3. A work of outstanding quality is a pinnacle; it is not typical. 0
4. Abstract expressionism is commonly identified as the pinnacle of modernism. 1
5. After aging in barrels, the wines are united in a single cuvee exemplifying the pinnacle of Russian River Zinfandel. 1
6. Along the beach where the Cook Glacier once calved great pinnacles of ice into the sea, the rookery now calves flotillas of king penguins. 1
7. Already the tragic discovery of a yellow-suited body among the pinnacles has led to furious and immoderate speculation in the national press. 1
8. As standard, every diver carries a light stick, glowing colours moving around a pinnacle that was previously dived at dusk. 1
9. At last we could see Ambadji on a pinnacle ahead of us. 1
10. At the pinnacle of the complex geisha ranking system are the grand dowagers of Kyoto. 1
11. At the very pinnacle of desire is a visit to (or just a glimpse of) Chateau Lafite Rothschild, home of the claret which has become a favoured show-off brand for Chinese plutocrats. 1
12. At the water's edge numberless rocky pinnacles, and cup - shaped masses like those we had already seen. 1
13. At the water's edge were numberless rocky pinnacles, and cup-shaped masses like those we had already seen. 1
14. Because of the symmetrical shell structure of the icosahedron, the distribution of the ionic kinetic energy features some pinnacles. 1
15. Built on a twin pinnacled spur about 250 feet high, jutting out of a thousand foot red rock wall, this chapel was completed in April 1956. 1
16. By 1965, Fellini had reached the pinnacle of his commercial success. 1
17. By allowing hot air to escape at the pinnacle fresh air is drawn from the sunken garden through natural heat stack effect. 1
18. By the age of thirty-two she had reached the pinnacle of her career. 1
19. During the seven years of their previous patronage by Next, the brothers have reached the pinnacle of the sport. 1
20. Even among seasoned mountaineers pinnacle Ridge is considered quite a tough proposition. 1
21. For a man at the pinnacle of American power, George Bush could sometimes seem a little tongue-tied and unreflective in office. 1
22. Formula One is the pinnacle of motor racing. 1
23. Giggs struck a superb equaliser for Sir Alex Ferguson's side as their latest quest to dethrone Barcelona at the pinnacle of European football survived a stern examination by Benfica. 1
24. Give water opening: Put pinnacled mouth giving water to make fill full washbasin becomes simple. 1
25. Grigory Perelman is the mountaineer who reached this pinnacle of the 3-dimensional world. 1
26. Having steered Arsenal to a Cup victory and then to a record Championship, Chapman was at the pinnacle of his career. 1
27. He and the other leaders, at the pinnacle of the fossilised hierarchy they have constructed, seem isolated from reality. 1
28. He desired not to be pinnacled, but to sink into the crowd. 1
29. He desired not to be pinnacled, but to sink into the crowd. This website 1
30. He had reached the pinnacle of his military career and held supreme political power. 1

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