Pigeonhole Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use pigeonhole, so you can learn how to use pigeonhole in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word pigeonhole here, and see the words sound like or similar to pigeonhole

# Sentence Times
1. Assist to organize and deal with the meetings, and responsible for the meeting record, pigeonhole etc. 1
2. Bird-watchers have an austere view of existence: that which can not be pigeonholed should be shot. 1
3. But her sex kitten persona left her pigeonholed in shallow roles and alone. 1
4. Captain Henry bothered Slote because he did not quite fit the pigeonhole. 1
5. Consultants found the experience frustrating - their reports were only partly implemented, or, worse still, just pigeonholed. 1
6. Draft out administrative documents, keep and pigeonhole the department documents. 1
7. He felt they had pigeonholed him. 1
8. He is a film producer who can't be conveniently pigeonholed. 1
9. He pigeonholes the request for a new park. 1
10. Hence Buckshot LeFonque, a group devoted to the idea of making pigeonholes a thing of the past. 1
11. His unstrained design refuses to fit in any pigeonholes but absorbs anything he feels good to enhance the simultaneous facet of his state of mind.This website 1
12. I don't want to be pigeonholed as a kids' presenter. 1
13. If we have a correct theory but merely prate with this complete, pigeonhole it and never put it into practice, then that theory, however good, is of no significance. 1
14. If you can't come, leave a note in my pigeonhole. 1
15. It breaks rules and conventions and is impossible to pigeonhole. 1
16. It is difficult to decide whether Sun and Peng can be pigeonholed as belonging to a particular school, trend or coterie. 1
17. Leave the report in my pigeonhole when you've read it. 1
18. Most people don't think of him as a real actor. He is pigeonholed as an action movie star. 1
19. On economics, too, the Edwards brand of populism is hard to pigeonhole. 1
20. Patsy was pigeonholed as a Country and Western singer, but that's too simple. 1
21. Rebecca a pigeon with no pigeonhole. 1
22. Rebecca is a pigeon with no pigeonhole. 1
23. ROSE TREMAIN is a difficult pigeonhole. 1
24. She got up and crossed to a little antique rosewood desk with pigeonholes and tiny drawers along the top. 1
25. Surely the people shoved in and out of these pigeonholes have not themselves changed so vastly and so often. 1
26. The judicial difficulties that arise when fitting variation into pigeonholes are testimony to evolution. 1
27. The KGB pigeonholed his report and reprimanded him for denigrating a brother officer. 1
28. The letter lay unopened in the travel firm's pigeonhole. 1
29. The male experience is seen as a universal experience, while the female experience is put in a different pigeonhole. 1
30. The pigeonhole principle is a important principle in combinatorics. 1






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