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# Sentence Times
1. A believer might move from one form of piety to another, embracing mysticism and rationalism at the same time. 1
2. About the time of completion of Filial piety, this thesis will start from the ideology and content to infer its approximate completing time. 1
3. After a filial piety, elected for a virtuous woman collectors palace. 1
4. After filial piety and fraternity, the next virtues we should have are cautiousness and trustworthiness. 1
5. Aftertime the Confucianists filial piety is a Original decree leave from xian qin ? ? filial piety. 2
6. Aftertime the Confucianists filial piety is a Original decree leave from xian qin ? ? filial piety.This website 2
7. Ancestor worship during Ching Ming Festival is a way that Chinese show filial piety. 1
8. And consider if magnanimity, freedom, simplicity, equanimity, piety, are not more agreeable. 1
9. And this means, if thou wilt take no notice of all the past, and trust the future to providence, and direct the present only conformably to piety and justice. 1
10. As early as Spring and Autumn Warring States period, great ideological and educator Confucius advocated Kindheartedness and filial piety. 1
11. As with the old eastern empire, the inspiration was a mixture of piety and politics. 1
12. At times she felt overwhelmed by his personality, which sometimes bordered on piety. 1
13. Because of agnate have individual and secrete homonymic, distinguish 2 people to facilitate, so others calls him " filial piety secrete " . 1
14. Because of many accounts of the history, talking about the traditional filial piety, the modern men see it as the feudal feculent so as to ask for absolutely rejection the filial piety. 2
15. Begin with filial piety and fraternal love , and then see and hear. 1
16. But in china, it is another kind of meaning of finial piety. 1
17. But settlers did not come to the New World solely motivated by piety. 1
18. CANON XXXI: If any Presbyter, condemning his own bishop, draw people aside, and set up another altar, without finding anything wrong with the Bishop in point of piety and righteousness. 1
19. China is a nation that is proud of the virtu of filial piety. 1
20. Despite her glamour she was never a prima donna, and the memory of her vocal clarity and unaffected piety will endure. 1
21. Eucharistic Devotion and New Traditions of Affective piety. 1
22. Felix rejected an offer of the see after Bishop Maximus died and lived his days out in piety. 1
23. Filial piety is a cardinal virtue my people have brought over from China. 1
24. Filial piety is to give joyfully when parents ask it of you. 1
25. Filial piety to become outstanding employees from the start. 1
26. Filial piety towards parents, is that to which we should holdfast. 1
27. Genuine emotion peeps through,(This website/piety.html) only to be squeezed back by some orthodox piety. 1
28. Groups of winsome lads violate the faith of the believers with acts which are sufficient to shake the very roots of piety. 1
29. He beat in me the duties of loyalty and filial piety. 1
30. He gave people brash game shows and imported soaps, sweeping away the fusty piety that had previously dominated the media. 1

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