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# Sentence Times
1. " At the Wellington,'said Carrie, who permitted herself a touch of pride in the acknowledgment. 1
2. "Obligee" as mentioned in this Article refers to the owner of business secrets and the person who is permitted by the owner to use the business secrets. 1
3. A "misfire" cartridge must show clear firing pin indentation before it can be recorded as a permitted malfunction. 1
4. A decade later, it permitted the first outward foreign direct investment by a commercial firm, TCL, who acquired Thomson of France. 1
5. A fixed or controllable horizontal stabiliser of up to 2% of the swept area of the lifting rotor(s) is permitted. 1
6. A foreign nonprofit corporation may become a domestic business corporation if the domestication and conversion is permitted by the organic law of the foreign nonprofit corporation. 1
7. A gray triggerfish peers into the camera as it hovers in front of old chicken-transport pens—one of many permitted artificial reefs that benefit recreational fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. 1
8. A less intelligent and less secure judge might have permitted the defense to explore these avenues. 1
9. A manufacturer also is permitted to stop dealing with a retailer who breaches the manufacturer's resale price maintenance policy. 1
10. A person who is under 18 is not permitted to buy liquor in licensed premises nor to consume liquor in a bar. 1
11. A rendezvous also would have permitted researchers to study the effects of electron emissions from the shuttle on the satellite. 1
12. A reporter was permitted to flip through every page, tallying letterheads. 1
13. A saving throw of 6 is permitted to take account of the Squig. 1
14. A single downward dolphin kick followed by a breaststroke kick is permitted while wholly submerged. 1
15. Above 85 decibels, the permitted time exposure without hearing protection drops dramatically. 1
16. Adulteration with petroleum is permitted in certain circumstances. 1
17. After pretest, Ss were permitted to practice as long as one hour. 1
18. After selling their parcel's development rights, landowners may continue permitted land uses on their property, as defined in the easement or deed restrictions. 1
19. After thirty-six hours during which Kim was permitted to speak publicly of his ordeal, he was placed under house arrest. 1
20. After weeks of courtroom argument the girl was permitted to leave the limelight and to end her pregnancy. 1
21. Aldridge, however, signalled a no-ball, ruling that the ball flew above the permitted height under the series rules. 1
22. All reconstruction work should however be ruled out "apriori". Only anastylosis, that is to say, the reassembling of existing but dismembered parts can be permitted. 1
23. All workers permitted to have sick leave or maternity leave. 1
24. Also, Beijing is moving cautiously. Many individuals and other participants, including mutual funds, won't be permitted to deal in stock-index futures immediately. 1
25. Am I permitted to park my car here? 1
26. Am I permitted to park my car there? 1
27. Amelia was a very unusual resident, the only person permitted by Mary Simkhovitch to use Greenwich House somewhat as a hotel. 1
28. American prisoners are permitted to write censored letters. 1
29. An early Christian writer, Saint Benedict, said, "for those that are well, and especially the young, bathing shall seldom be permitted." 1
30. An emissary would be permitted to leave Berwick to apprise the so-called Regent of this arrangement. 1

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