Permit Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " At the Wellington,'said Carrie, who permitted herself a touch of pride in the acknowledgment. 1
2. " permit me, " he said bending over and disentangling the flounce. 1
3. "Obligee" as mentioned in this Article refers to the owner of business secrets and the person who is permitted by the owner to use the business secrets. 1
4. "The Authorizer" is also to consider if a confined space permit is necessary should excavation form any part of an enclosure. 1
5. "The fact that they're prepared to do that job where others won't, even when they're skint, means there's some capability inside them that permits them to do it and not be disgusted, " he said. 1
6. "The life-safety issues in the old structure didn't permit accreditation, so now we can apply again to , " said Arons. 1
7. A "misfire" cartridge must show clear firing pin indentation before it can be recorded as a permitted malfunction. 1
8. A "Residence Permit" must carry such contents as the name, date of birth, sex, issuing date, valid period, ID number or Nationality, etc of the holder. 0
9. A £5,000 fee has been agreed but the deal is subject to a work permit. 1
10. A 1977 Supreme Court ruling permits police stopping a car for valid reasons to order drivers to exit. 1
11. A big stomach-ache, or a big heart-ache, can interrupt happiness, but neither can destroy it unless I permit. 1
12. A breach in the mountain wall permits warm sea air to penetrate inland. 1
13. A Caltrans appeal would go to an ad hoc seismic retrofit permit review panel. 1
14. A coaxial transmission and reflection method can be used to measure microwave permittivity of high-loss material. 1
15. A customs official pocketed up to $500,000 in bribes for permitting cocaine to pass through the port. 1
16. A decade later, it permitted the first outward foreign direct investment by a commercial firm, TCL, who acquired Thomson of France. 1
17. A drawback here is that such processes are limited in terms of the power of the grammars they permit. 1
18. A fixed or controllable horizontal stabiliser of up to 2% of the swept area of the lifting rotor(s) is permitted. 1
19. A foreign nonprofit corporation may become a domestic business corporation if the domestication and conversion is permitted by the organic law of the foreign nonprofit corporation. 1
20. A function that permits the computer to designate a particular channel in the terminal. 1
21. A good old - anking is out of the question: no modern child - rearing manual would permIt'such barbarity. 0
22. A government decree linked the employment of foreigners to their possession of a work permit, it was reported on Oct. 11. 1
23. A gray triggerfish peers into the camera as it hovers in front of old chicken-transport pens—one of many permitted artificial reefs that benefit recreational fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. 1
24. A group of senators plans to filibuster a measure that would permit drilling in Alaska. 1
25. A high degree of certainty permits a high structure. 1
26. A hinged valve that permits fluids to flow in only one direction and clacks when the valve closes. 1
27. A key pressure point in the controversy was the building permit. 1
28. A learner's permit is a legal document that allows a teenager to terrorize a parent without fear of prosecution. 1
29. A learner's permit specifies that the driver be accompanied by a licensed motorist. 1
30. A less intelligent and less secure judge might have permitted the defense to explore these avenues. 1