Peppery Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A delicious bistro and brasserie wine with loads of peppery black cherry and blackcurrant fruit, the wine is expressive, soulful , and just delicious. 1
2. Aroma: Full rich red fruit aromas of jam , peppery and spicy with sweet green pepper notes. 1
3. Aromatic Description: Much richer in aroma than ground cinnamon. peppery, earthy, spicy, bright yet slightly woodsy. 1
4. But they are a bit peppery. 1
5. Dark green arugula, often used as a stand-alone salad green, has a peppery and slightly bitter flavor. 1
6. Dark red elegant wine , spicy 、 peppery nose with well balanced tannin. 1
7. Excellent dark crimson red. The bouquet has a powerful distinctive spiced peppery character with a background of sweet nutty French and American oak. 1
8. He has a peppery disposition. 1
9. He was a famously peppery lawyer. 1
10. He was a peppery little lieutenant j . g . from Philadelphia named Samtow. 1
11. Her temper is as peppery as her hair. 1
12. I could smell its peppery, pungent scent from where I stood. 1
13. I like peppery food. 1
14. It imparts a peppery taste and serves to warn of inedibility. 1
15. It was old and coarse and so peppery that tears started in her eyes. 1
16. It's quite a good wine, deliciously easy to drink with its creamy texture and dry, soft flavors of blackberries, currants, chocolate and licorice, made all the more zesty with peppery spices. 1
17. Lupins for her had a peppery smell, bracken a smell of the sea. 1
18. More savoury than fruity, the wine has a medium to full- bodied palate, with a mouth-filling peppery finish. 1
19. My boss is a bit peppery. 1
20. Now that is the way to write - peppery and to the point. 1
21. One of Australia's original bench-mark varieties is represented here as a wine showing distinctive red currant and peppery flavors with ripe tannins and a seductive softness. 1
22. She likes Sichuan dishes and is fond of the peppery taste. 1
23. Sole accept gives flower of crossed grain , peppery eye, sesame seed, double Long Qiangzhu Feng Chaoyang. 1
24. Style: Dry red, medium - bodied, spice, violets and peppery taste. 1
25. The addition of the peppery radishes is a new twist on the classic idea of using baby turnips. 1
26. The main room was awash with bowls of pink and white carnations, the sweet, peppery scent filling the room. 1
27. The meat is juicy and salty, peppery around the edges, and just soft enough to melt in your mouth. 1
28. The peppery arugula, the red leaf, the baby mizuna, they yielded at once to my touch, like a sigh. 1
29. The peppery rye is from fields one can see across the lake and aged in casks that held local fortified wine. 1
30. The radish was old and coarse and so peppery that tears started in her eyes. 1

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