Pensile Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use pensile, so you can learn how to use pensile in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word pensile here, and see the words sound like or similar to pensile

# Sentence Times
1. A the head of a bed is pensile guitar, male host is in at a loose end when the woman that can play on one to give happiness. 1
2. And some lottery website is pensile still on home page even national emblem. 1
3. Balcony is a common building component, but there is often problems of crack in construction because it is of pensile structure. 1
4. Droplight is pensile on the ceiling, absorbing dome light is to install what go up in the ceiling, they are to use do integral illume. 1
5. General bedroom, it is more in the center of ceiling pensile a droplight , regard whole as illume with bright family. 1
6. In addition, the advertisement with pensile this year home page of website of many mainstreams portal also by embedded trojan virus, once the user visits these websites to be met toxic. 1
7. Mitsubishi featuring a variety of series pensile business card printing and membership card-making machine, the business card printing and membership card making machine on technological innovation. 1
8. Most often be used to the place of pensile droplight is to be used to normally the have dinner interval that xenial guest and family dine together. 1
9. Only pensile hook of cap of a garment is afraid is the simplest porch is decorated, add a piece of taboret to be able to sit down rest, dissolved the insecurity that go out and haste. 1
10. Results: pensile lead glass screen, exposure suit, lead scarf, lead impregnated eye glasses and distance protection could obviously reduce the dose of X ray radiation exposure. 1
11. The afforestation survived rate and saved rate are the biggest in virescence flat and smallest in pensile stone plant holes among different vegetation restoration measures. 1
12. The almirah of the great majority on market does not have how many pensile space. 1
13. This curtain in the graph is done not have flatly pensile, and make its lumpy , and respect of colour and lustre uses warm color, give a person with decorous and flow, warm feeling. 1
14. We have 2 pensile dip painting line to paint castings according to customers' requirements. 1

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