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# Sentence Times
1. A normal electrical control activity frequency was present in three patients, one with a proven neuropathy and two with undefined pathology. 1
2. A normal electrical control activity frequency was present in three patients(Sentencedict), one with a proven neuropathy and two with undefined pathology. 1
3. According to the prevailing characteristic, clinical symptom, pathology change and diagnosis of laboratory, we can diagnose it as Infectious pleuropneumonia which is caused by mycoplasma. 1
4. According to the teaching experience of America and Europe for reference, we need to adopt multi-means to enhance forensic pathology postgraduate comprehensive competence. 1
5. Acupuncture, when necessary, feasible mass cytology or pathology examination. 1
6. AFLP has been emerged as a major new type of genetic marker with broad application in systematic, pathology, population genetics, DNA fingerprinting and quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping. 1
7. After 24 hours and 7 days, underlip mucosa and esophagus mucosa of rabbits were cut for pathology. 1
8. After mediastinotomy, the pathology of the mass was found to be compatible with the diagnosis of pseudocyst . 1
9. After stomach ache root governing skill, duodenum remnant end leakage pathology report: The stomach capital department more ancestor and the Run dry fluid knee is dense. 1
10. After tumor resection , myxoma with internal hemorrhage was proved by pathology. 1
11. Agricultural background preferable university graduate with major in horticulture or plant pathology. 1
12. AIM: 1. To establish a lidocaine subarachnoid anesthesia death model with dogs, observe the vital sign and pathology of dogs after a lethal dose of lidocaine being injected into subarachnoid space. 1
13. AIM: To analysis the pathology and diagnosis of commotio retinae and retinal trauma, and to evaluate the therapeutic effect and prognosis. 1
14. All 53 adrenal tumors were confirmed by surgery and pathology. 1
15. All cases were confirmed as RMAL by postoperative pathology. 1
16. All of them were proved by surgical operation or pathology. 1
17. Also, slides and pathology reports can be obtained for second opinions. 1
18. Animals had no abnormal change through blood assay, viscus organ observation and pathology assay. 1
19. As a specialist in pathology, physiology and pharmacology, Mrs Coll received many teaching awards. 1
20. At present, forensic pathology is playing a very important role in criminal cases, civil disputes and insurance settlements. 1
21. Australasian Plant pathology publishes new and significant research in all fields of plant pathology. Distribution and readership of the journal is worldwide. 2
22. Background: Study of SCD is one of the most important fields in forensic medicine, and the postmortem diagnosis of EMI is a focus as well as difficult problem in forensic pathology . 1
23. Bile acid malabsorption and increased synthesis of bile acids were even detected in cholecystectomised patients without intestinal pathology. 1
24. Biomedical scientists deal with 100m pathology tests a year, playing a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. 1
25. Brain pathology is the official publication of International Society for Neuropathology. 1
26. But no association between the pathology characters endometrial carcinoma and the digested polymorphism. 1
27. Can the problems of urban poverty be blamed on individual pathology? 1
28. Carcinoids had ultrasonic characters in most pleomorphic adenoma and adenolymphoma . All cases were confirmed by surgery and pathology. 1
29. Carcinoids had ultrasonic characters in most pleomorphic adenoma and were confirmed by surgery and pathology. 1
30. Classes may include basic physiology, pathology, pharmacology, neuropathology, and other subjects. 1





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