Passport Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. ''You can take it with you, '' Facebook says. ''We are your passport to the past, your home away from home, the country where you will always be welcome.'' 1
2. 'May I see your passport, Mr Scott?' 'Certainly.' 1
3. 'May I see your passport(Sentence dictionary), Mr Scott?' 'Certainly.' 0
4. "A passport to a brighter future": it sounds like a worn-out advertising slogan, but for once the cliche has substance. 1
5. A citizen of a country can obtain a passport from special government agency. 1
6. A crooked civil servant sold hundreds of British passports on the black market, a court heard yesterday. 1
7. A customs officer examined his passport. 1
8. A microchip is embedded in the center paper of the new generation of passports. 1
9. A passport that is out of date is invalid. 1
10. A valid passport is essential when you travel abroad. 1
11. About 400, 000 Hong Kong residents, or 8 percent of the population, hold foreign passports as protection. 1
12. Acceptable forms of ID include a current passport or a birth certificate. 1
13. After 45 minutes of this and two cups of tea the official asked to see my passport. 1
14. After baggage and passport checks, passengers are individually quizzed by interrogators. 1
15. After changing his name by deed poll to Captain Beany he needed a renewed passport to match his new identity. 1
16. After checking for passports and air travel tickets we had nothing else to do but wait for our taxi. 1
17. After disembarkation, we went through passport control. 1
18. After fill out the application form, please submit your passport with valid visa, Chinese ID, U. S. College ID or U. S College Entrance Notification to domestic branch for witness. 1
19. All he needs is a presidential pardon to restore his passport. 1
20. All people entering the country will need a valid passport . 1
21. All the hostages were forced to hand over their passports. 1
22. Allow twenty-five minutes to get through passport Control and Customs. 1
23. Alright, Here are your baggage claim tags, ticket, boarding pass an passport. 1
24. Altering a passport in any way may make it invalid. 1
25. Although acquitted, Du Bois became more isolated during the 1950s, and was denied a passport until 1958. 1
26. Always keep your passport in a safe place. 1
27. Amaury Nolasco (Fernando Sucre) lost a PC and a passport in the break-in. 1
28. Amnesty International also intervened on her behalf and only days before she was due to leave, she was given a passport. 1
29. An identity borrowed from a dead Canadian, forged passports, messages sent by shortwave burst transmission or in invisible ink. 1
30. And when I couldn't find the passports - honestly, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! 1

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