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1. “Since the signing of the Cross-Debarment agreement earlier this year, INT has worked diligently with our MDB partners to ensure that enforcement is not delayed,” said McCarthy. 1
2. 'I wanted a partnership, someone who could stand toe-to-toe with me and push back, ' he says. 1
3. 'That depends on my partner,(Sentencedict)' she hedged. 1
4. 'The challenge is formidable, ' says Torsten Stocker, a partner in the Hong Kong office of market-research company Monitor Group. 1
5. 'The sound you just heard was the IPO window slamming shut, ' wrote Geoff Yang, a partner at venture capital firm Redpoint Ventures in Menlo Park, Calif., in a Twitter message Monday. 1
6. " Free body" be can with free associate with you, did not get married, did not betroth, have no fixed partner, did not go to bed with other people, single, only and person whom you associate. 1
7. " The politician was in him, " says his former working partner. " He was a great promoter and money raiser. 1
8. " Well, let's hope I don't get hold of the wrong partner in our masquerade. " 1
9. "A lot of mistakes I see are a lack of cover letter, and an objective statement on the resume that is all wrong for the job opening, " says Lindsay Olson, partner and recruiter at Paradigm Staffing. 1
10. "Agitation is a big one: change in personality: if people are generally easy going and they are irritable they snap at you, " said Jodee Hankins with the Suicide Prevention Partnership. 0
11. "I think gay culture in Shanghai has gradually come out of the closet, thanks to the expat community in the city, " said a gay man surnamed Chen, who lives with his partner in Shanghai. 1
12. "I want to be partners with Jane", said the little girl. 1
13. "I wish they had not done it," said Whitney Tilson, founder and a managing partner of T2 Partners LLC, which owns Microsoft shares. 1
14. "In spite of continued shortages, market access continues to be restricted as Russia looks to redirect otherwise improved market signals to its customs union partner, " the briefing said. 1
15. "It's one of the crown jewels in our city's renaissance, " says Javad Marandi, a managing partner of the Pasha Group, the project's local developer. 1
16. "Making less money than a female partner may threaten men's gender identity by calling into question the traditional notion of men as breadwinners," Munsch said. 1
17. "Most big money-center banks got into private equity as limited partners and/or co-investors alongside leveraged buyout funds to support their highly profitable leveraged lending business," he said. 1
18. "Our research showed that the problem would be in storm surges that occur at high tide, " says Craig Hartman, design partner in SOM's San Francisco office. 1
19. "Pressure on the average sales prices is going to be of the outmost importance in 2010 thanks to the proliferation of smartphone competition," said Tero Kuittinen, analyst with MKM Partners. 0
20. "The agreement will strengthen our partnership with CNPC in developing cleaner energy to meet China's growing needs," said Malcolm Brinded, Shell's executive director of international upstream. 1
21. "The strategy is to team up with local partners" as Carlsberg did in Russia with Bika, the country"s biggest beer maker, before gaining full control last year. 1
22. "The World Bank intends to remain an active partner for Bangladesh in working to achieve its development goals," he said. 1
23. "These are important investments that will improve Vietnamese productivity and add to the growing economic partnership between our countries," Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said in a statement. 1
24. "They even copied their bugs, for God's sake," said Ray Mota, managing partner at ACG Research, a telecom business consulting and services company. 1
25. "Unfortunately, this is just more typical GM, " says Robert Lepre, managing partner and principal at marketing behemoth the New England Consulting Group. 1
26. "We are strengthening our cooperation with partners in key regions to undermine al-Qaida's attempts to tap into and to co-opt regional networks for their own strategic purpose," she said. 1
27. "We don't have a system in this country where you can work for free, " says Jay A. Zweig, a partner who works in employment law at Bryan Cave in Phoenix. 1
28. "We'll go forward as business partners, " Mr. Pash said. 1
29. A bad deal may well be worse than no deal, if it lets Mr Mugabe stay in power, with Mr Tsvangirai's lot as supplicant partners in a government of bogus unity. 1
30. A BATTLE is brewing in Batesville, Arkansas. The daily newspaper there recently omitted the name of the partner of a deceased gay man in its free obituary notice. 1

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