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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use particularly, so you can learn how to use particularly in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word particularly here, and see the words sound like or similar to particularly

# Sentence Times
1. .. image ads increases the pool of ads - particularly cost - per - thousand - impression ( CPM ) ads - bidding to display on your site. 1
2. (Strong Words, Bloodaxe, 2000). It is this blurred territory between the self and the other that Burnside has made particularly his own. 1
3. 'Did you enjoy it?' 'No, not particularly .' 1
4. "Banks are busiest during lunchtimes, particularly on the Friday prior to bank holidays and just before closing time, " says the British Bankers' Association. 1
5. "He thinks as he goes along" – very charming, charming indeed, as Borowski would say, but really very painful, particularly when the thinker is nothing but a spavined horse. 1
6. "I loved dancing, particularly with nice-looking boys, " she wrote in an earlier memoir. 1
7. "I reckon there's still a few in the cards, there's still more to do -- particularly in steel-related products," said James Wilson, an analyst at DJ Carmichael. 1
8. "I reckon there's still a few in the cards, there's still more to do -- particularly in steel-related products," said James Wilson(This website/dj.html), an analyst at DJ Carmichael. 1
9. "It is simply unacceptable for companies to repeatedly misreport production, particularly when it interferes with the auditing process," Michael Bromwich, the director of BOEM, said in a release. 1
10. "It was a particularly vicious crime," a police spokesman said. 1
11. "It's indiscriminate selling and not particularly thoughtful analysis of underlying company fundamentals in credit markets, " said Anderson. 1
12. "It's really incredible work, particularly the results for Tanis, " says Peter Lacovara, an Egyptologist at the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta, who is not a member of Parcak's team. 1
13. "Pigs are genetically related to particularly water-loving animals such as hippos and whales, " Dr Bracke said. 1
14. "Polemics is not good for F1 and particularly for the public because F1 is a fantastic sport that has to be relaunched, not only protected, " he said. 1
15. "The primary danger of going back to work too soon is infecting other people, particularly people who may be susceptible to swine flu, " says Ann Robinson, a GP. 1
16. "The problem is that the reaction is particularly unpredictable," said Metsa Rahimi, intelligence analyst at London-based consultancy Januian. "You simply can't say for sure what would happen next." 1
17. "This is a particularly relevant and important topic in the light of the increasing global population, " said the scientists, led by John Lott, biologist from Canada-based McMaster University. 1
18. "This painting originates from a particularly exciting moment in El Greco"s career, when the artist was still developing what became his distinctive style. " 1
19. "Urchin", with its connotation of mischievousness, may not be a particularly apt word. 1
20. "We're seeing it with epidemic proportions now, particularly with regards to cybersex, " said Mark Schwartz, psychologist and former director of the Masters and Johnson Institute in St. 1
21. 2003 was a particularly fine vintage. 1
22. A "CBC" (complete blood count) is a commonly ordered labortory test that is done on this instrument and gives important data, particularly in regard to WBC's. 1
23. A camera is mounted in an overhang position in the pod, causing an overturning moment to be created by the unbalanced load, the angular contact bearings being particularly suited to combined loads. 1
24. A centralized system is efficient, but it may note responsive to user needs. This is particularly tureen large organizations- the worldwide meteorological network, for example. 1
25. A concatenation of events particularly damaging Mrs Thatcher was subsequently compounded by errors of tactics and organisation by those running her campaign. 1
26. A control character which is used to control various devices associated with computing or telecommunications systems, i. e. , particularly the switching to on or off of the devices. 1
27. A cough expectorant, Qingfei cold - dispelling the effectiveness, particularly for the elderly asthma, bronchitis patients better. 1
28. A death erection angel lust, or terminal erection is a post-mortem erection, technically a priapism, observed in the corpses of human males who have been executed, particularly by hanging. 1
29. A diplomat who helped to bring peace between two belligerent states by mediating between them might be particularly well rewarded. 1
30. A directing technique is described to define the refractive index ellipse of the end face for SPSM fiber, particularly, for Bow-Tie fiber, by etching method. 1

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