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# Sentence Times
31. After the October 1979 coup, disillusionment with the possibility of achieving reform through participation in the new government rapidly set in. 1
32. Afterwards, the gourde first glued on the rubber with this world inthe racket participation, and calmly has defeated all matches. 1
33. All reservists had a 60-day window to enroll and those who already had their orders were not precluded from participation. 1
34. All that I have said about the shared participation of the young and old remains unqualified. 1
35. Almost all the examples he gives for a restriction of client participation are atypical of a community work situation. 1
36. Also, members on the schedule must confirm their participation to the VPE and Toastmaster. 1
37. Although membership in AACS is required for participation in the Annual Meeting, non-members are welcome to submit proposals, join the Association and participate in the Annual Meeting. 1
38. Although open primaries increase voter participation, they also create the potential for sabotage. 1
39. Although the General Assembly in curia non-citizens may be seen, for example, we know that nobles often work together with his participation in the General Assembly of the protected person. 1
40. American law permits the participation of the attorney in the plaintiff's recovery(contingent fee)which not uncommonly amounts to 25 to 33 percent of the verdict. 1
41. And major political issues are often decided on the basis of very low voter participation. 1
42. And many respondents who mention active participation also mention the more parochial norms. 1
43. Annexation, however, is a long process requiring hearings and the participation of the Local Agency Formation Commission. 1
44. Another important ground rule is that participation in exercises during a retrospective is optional. 1
45. Another source of increasing tension in the federal aid system concerned citizen participation in decisionmaking. 1
46. Any agreement on global warming will be contingent on the participation of China and India, President George W Bush said on Sunday. 1
47. Any increase in participation would destabilise the political system. 1
48. Applicable for group participation only. If fill in, your donation will be counted into the total fundraising amount of your organisation. 1
49. Are we seeing a democratic participation in all walks of life? 1
50. Article30 participation of State or local railways in international through transport must obtain approval from the State Council. 1
51. As a result, the Olympics shifted away from pure amateurism, as envisioned by Coubertin, to allow participation of professional athletes. 1
52. As basic qualification of enterprises participation in market competition, the hygiene factor has the characters such as obstacle, homogeneity , dynamic expansibility, systematism and sinking-cost. 1
53. As black participation in the economy increased, the level of repression to enforce apartheid was stepped up. 1
54. As part of the citizen participation requirements, councils had been set up in four model cities and twelve antipoverty target neighborhoods. 1
55. As the value in the Threshold field changes in the animation, the color of a state or territory changes based on the food stamp participation rate of that state. 1
56. At the first meeting the four individuals sign a participation agreement where you agree to be open, to negotiate in good faith and to put the children first. 1
57. At the same time, it takes effect in accelerating functional transformation of superintendent departments and breaking away from the direct control and the participation of microeconomic activity . 1
58. Attitudes toward active participation in the war opened deep fissures in the movement which, at the extreme, were never healed. 1
59. Backlash against the law helped fuel the abolitionist movement and increased participation on the Underground Railroad. 1
60. Based on the resultant, managers should enforce budgetary participation and budgetary control of members. 1




participations (plural noun)

  - the action of taking part in something.


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