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1. "Recruiting Captain Hindi as a pilot ... is a major step in the employment of women and in their more active participation in Saudi society," Prince Alwaleed said in a statement. 1
2. "The United States has been a leading voice in promoting the participation of women in conflict resolution, peacekeeping and peace building," Brimmer said. 1
3. "US against China participation in Int'l station..." The funny thing is that at time the ISS decommisioneded in 2028, the CSS may be the only one in space. 1
4. "We have been concentrating on finding those who are committed to improving accountability, participation and transparency and finding ways to help them achieve their goals," Hellman says. 1
5. A back injury prevented active participation in any sports for a while. 1
6. A congressional mandate from the 1990s forbids government funding for an Expo, and only a last-minute fund-raising effort by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton salvaged U.S. participation. 1
7. A foot abscess had cast doubts on the colt's participation in the Epsom Classic on Wednesday week. 1
8. A further consideration which has bearing on field relationships is the extent of participation on the part of the researcher. 1
9. A loan participation is a back-to-back arrangement where the lender of record manufactures payments to the participation party equal to receipts on the loan in return for funding or an indemnity. 2
10. A major factor with significant explanatory power for both participation and intensity is the leisure orientation of the consumer. 1
11. A map of the entire country (with inset maps of the Virgin Islands, Guam, and District of Columbia) is shown in a solid color that represents the food stamp participation rate of that state. 1
12. A number of couples required for participation in a square dance. 1
13. A persuasive argument that democracy can and should be based on active and extensive participation by the citizenry. 1
14. A second goal for Azul is to see a commercial product comprising of optimised Linux and OpenJDK, though this will depend on vendor participation and support. 1
15. A share of participation in a variable annuity. 1
16. A surge of participation in evening classes and sports is as much about a search for companionship as mental and physical fitness. 1
17. A treaty was urgently required and strenuous efforts should be made to secure participation and cooperation with the Soviet Union. 1
18. According to him, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi also needs to promote participation of the ethnic nationalities to build a genuine union. 1
19. Acquired immunity functions here mean those new powerful defense capabilities produced by a certain factor inducement or participation on the basis of organism congenital structures and functions. 1
20. Acquisition of both aircraft and the invaders participation in the race will be the subject of a documentary film. 1
21. Active citizenship involves the participation of individuals in the social, economic and political organisations of the state. 1
22. Active citizenship, they believe, requires active participation in policy-making and taking responsibilities. 1
23. Active participation by Governments and commitments made in multilateral trade negotiations at the World Trade Organization (WTO) could result in an environment that stimulates trade and investment. 1
24. Active participation in discussion is essential to the life of the class and the force and cogency of students' remarks will have a marked influence on grades. 1
25. Additionally, bargaining is a closed, private activity which sits uneasily astride the current emphasis on open government and public participation. 1
26. Advancement may be accelerated by participation in company training programs to gain a broader knowledge of company policy and operations. 1
27. Advancement may be accelerated by participation in company training programs to gain a broader knowledge of company policy and operations.sentence dictionary 1
28. After all, an entrepreneur needs no assets to engage in profitable market participation. 1
29. After participation of irregular educational activity such as Fourth Ring Play Group, great changes ares. 1
30. After some participation in the Great Awakening as a youth, he parted company with its proponents. 1

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