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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use part, so you can learn how to use part in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word part here, and see the words sound like or similar to part

# Sentence Times
1. - Actively participating in and promoting international cooperation in drug control. 1
2. .. image ads increases the pool of ads - particularly cost - per - thousand - impression ( CPM ) ads - bidding to display on your site. 1
3. “A mother knows, ” Ms. Devi said, unwilling to discuss the sensitive particularities of this knowledge further. 1
4. “Since the signing of the Cross-Debarment agreement earlier this year, INT has worked diligently with our MDB partners to ensure that enforcement is not delayed,” said McCarthy. 1
5. “The sofa was part of our first Bernhardt collection, ” Mr. Washington said, adding that the prototype was a gift from Bernhardt’s creative director, Jerry Helling. 1
6. “We had a case where somebody recognized the bellhop at a hotel as somebody who had participated in violence against her in, I believe, Rwanda,” Myers recalled. 1
7. (Laughter.) So I think that this is well understood in the diplomatic community as part of the give-and-take. 1
8. (Pfizer, which makes Lipitor, responds in part that "managing cardiovascular disease risk factors is complicated"). 1
9. (Strong Words, Bloodaxe, 2000). It is this blurred territory between the self and the other that Burnside has made particularly his own. 1
10. (When cells differentiate they specialize into various tissues needed to create body parts.) It isn't until the second trimester that glia and neurons begin to form. 1
11. ' So they invited friends and their parents to a debate-watching party over pepperoni pizza in the family's den. 1
12. ' What a mess!' she said, surveying the scene after the party. 1
13. 'Did you enjoy it?' 'No, not particularly .' 1
14. 'Dinner Party', based on the critically acclaimed novel by Bill Davies, was made into a film last year. 0
15. 'Failure, and how companies deal with failure, is a very big part of innovation, ' says Judy Estrin of Menlo Park, Calif., a founder of seven high-tech companies and author of a book on innovation. 1
16. 'For the most part, celebrities that drive sales aren't necessarily the ones that get nominated' for awards, says Lily Hollander, editorial director of 1
17. 'I literally walked around for years wondering about this variability, ' says Ed Rubel, a professor of hearing sciences who leads part of the University of Washington research effort. 1
18. 'I wanted a partnership, someone who could stand toe-to-toe with me and push back, ' he says. 1
19. 'Is Sarah coming to the party?' 'Yes, she's a definite.' 1
20. 'It's in such a delicate part of the reef and the ship is in such a badly damaged state, that managing this process will require all the specialist expertize that we can bring to bear.' 1
21. 'Solidarity' was born as a protest movement, not a political party. 1
22. 'Some' and 'any' are partitives. 1
23. 'strike Spreading in Brooklyn, " he read. " Rioting Breaks Out in all Parts of the City. " 0
24. 'Temporaries carries it all before 'em here, I find, but though there's a excellent party-wall between this house and the next, I mayn't exactly like to go to it, Mrs Richards, notwithstanding!' 1
25. 'That depends on my partner,(Sentencedict)' she hedged. 1
26. 'That's only part of a tuxedo', the talk show host joked when the star arrived in hot pants and a low-cut jacket without anything underneath. 1
27. 'The challenge is formidable, ' says Torsten Stocker, a partner in the Hong Kong office of market-research company Monitor Group. 1
28. 'The sound you just heard was the IPO window slamming shut, ' wrote Geoff Yang, a partner at venture capital firm Redpoint Ventures in Menlo Park, Calif., in a Twitter message Monday. 1
29. 'The subprime mess appears to be a result, at least in part, of a soft-touch regulatory approach that allowed inappropriate lending standards and exotic mortgage banking products, ' he said. 1
30. 'There was a real sense of discovery on my part when Paula introduced me to the images and on the part of the museum visitors who were discovering these images for the first time, ' Hollander said. 2




parts (plural noun) · one's part (noun) · one's parts (plural noun)

  - a piece or segment of something such as an object, activity, or period of time, which combined with other pieces makes up the whole.

  - some but not all of something.

  - a character as represented in a play or movie; a role played by an actor or actress.

  - the contribution made by someone or something to an action or situation.


parts (third person present) · parted (past tense) · parted (past participle) · parting (present participle)

  - (of two things) move away from each other.


  - to some extent; partly (often used to contrast different parts of something).


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