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# Sentence Times
1. "A parallel Image" is an electronic version of camera obscura. 1
2. "For us, this deal is interesting only if it is accomplished with a parallel transfer of technology," Putin said June 9. 1
3. A 12bit parallel capacitor scaling Digital-Analog Converter (DAC) is realized using the QFG fully differential op amp. 1
4. A bridge of four diodes, connected in reverse parallel with the switching transistors, provides the path for freewheeling currents. 1
5. A charge scaling D/A converter with capacitor voltage divider is designed, which extends the resolution of a parallel D/A converter as well as reduces the chip area greatly. 1
6. A close parallel to this behaviour is found in dolphins. 1
7. A clothesline ran parallel to the back fence and Marina stood there hanging diapers. 1
8. A damaged sewage line parallels that road. 1
9. A data collecting method with general parallel port can be used in many occasions . Its data transfer rate approaches the rate of ISA bus. 1
10. A data measurement system of the eddy current sensor based on the CAN is presented. A parallel interface technology, which enlarges CAN, in EPP mode is mainly discussed. 1
11. A design algorithm a of parallel wavelet fitter is given and proved. 1
12. A design method of CMM of 3 - DOF translational parallel robot was presented. 1
13. A DSP based single direction migration distributive parallel genetic algorithm is present. 1
14. A fast and exact algorithm for the evaluation of the parallelism and perpendicularity on the threecoordinate measuring machine is presented in this paper. 1
15. A fast conditional breakpoint is considered to be an essential process control capability of advanced high-performance parallel debuggers. 1
16. A fix for parallel access volumes (PAVs) is being delivered in SLES 11, but that fix was not available for us to use at the time of the benchmark. 1
17. A formula to estimate the inductance value of a parallel active power filter on the basis of the fundamental wave is found. 1
18. A further stimulus to invention came from the "premium" system, which preceded our patent system and for years ran parallel with it. 1
19. A hexagon, a cube; here comes a parallelogram. 1
20. A high - speed data acquisition system with a 16 bit parallel interface based on PC is described. 1
21. A high accurate alternating group 8-point scheme for convection diffusion problems is given. It can be used for parallel computing and is proved unconditionally stable. 1
22. A high efficiency scalable parallel algorithm, parallel block overlapped partition approximate(PBOA) algorithm, is proposed for solving block tri-diagonal linear systems on multiple computers. 2
23. A integrated equation set for solving plane parallel motion of rigid body was derived, and the conditions of system of forces simplified on the center of mass plane was discussed. 1
24. A kind of MIMD parallel computer simulating system ── P - Simulator ispresented. 1
25. A kind of scalable array architecture based on DA implementation is proposed. Better scalability and high parallel processing efficiency can be obtained by array configuration. 1
26. A line of parked cars ran parallel to the pavements. 1
27. A little apart from the surf ace, the longitudinal wave beam may exist and propagate parallel to the surface, yet has to connect with its corresponding gliding irrotational waves. 1
28. A lot of experts say if you are ever caught up in one of these things, you should swim parallel to shore until you are out of the rip current and then start making your way back. 1
29. A manual computing device consisting of a frame holding parallel rods strung with movable counters. 1
30. A multielement cascade resonant converter is presented in this paper, which improves the performance by combining the characteristics of series resonant converter and parallel resonant converter. 1

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