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1. A little noticed but central character of such vivisystems is that this paradoxical essence is contagious. 1
2. Although fixed splitting denotes delay in normal closure of the pulmonic valve, paradoxical splitting denotes delayed closure of the aortic valve. 1
3. And paradoxically, now Luke had gone, she felt more alone and more afraid than ever. 1
4. Art which confronts the tragic and dark side of life can, paradoxically, have a regenerative effect. 1
5. At first sight, this is all terribly paradoxical. 1
6. At this point it must seem paradoxical that atomic nuclei containing several closely packed protons exist at all. 1
7. But mere self – satisfaction is, in our paradoxical world, never satisfying. 1
8. But the commercial success paradoxically impoverished the peasantry. 1
9. But, paradoxically, as democracy gets stronger and the middle class grows richer, it can realize it has more to lose than gain from a real enfranchisement of society. 1
10. But, paradoxically, averting another Great Depression - like calamity removed political pressure for more fundamental reform. 1
11. Cardiac tamponade is suggested by jugular venous distention, muffled heart sounds, and a paradoxical pulse. 1
12. Coal has become unpopular and, paradoxically, in view of the Greens' increased influence, nuclear power has experienced a resurgence. 1
13. David Bowsher, writing on paradoxical pain, opens with an anecdote about a consultant convicted of attempted murder. 1
14. Despite the changing modes of life, they are attentive to the paradoxical utterances of their progenitor. 1
15. Direct visualization, by bronchoscopy, of paradoxical adductive vocal cords movement in the inspiratory phase during a symptomatic period further confirmed the diagnosis. 1
16. Expression of an oncogene in a primary cell can, paradoxically, block proliferation by inducing senescence or apoptosis through pathways that remain to be elucidated. 1
17. Feminists are also realizing that a rejection of biology can, paradoxically, increase the influence of biological determinism. 1
18. First, as Kay acknowledges , great American businesses have not , paradoxically, usually been exponents of the ABM. 1
19. He appears stiff, robotic, insincere even when he is not, and paradoxically unable to mask his ambition. 1
20. He is a paradoxical aesthete as well as a paradoxical moralist. 2
21. He the dignity of a great master and the passion of genius paradoxically. 1
22. How such paradoxical objectives are handled will depend upon the individual counsellor. 1
23. However, the sharp appreciation of yen afterwards did not take ill effect on Japan's exportation, and this paradoxical evidence has become one of the hotspots among economists worldwide. 1
24. However, the sharp appreciation of yen afterwards didn't take ill effect on Japan's exportation, and this paradoxical evidence has become one of the hotspots among economists worldwide. 1
25. I want to be a thinker, but I even can't be indifference to those trival words. It's a paradoxical thing. 1
26. If its previous currency has been effectively destroyed by hyper-inflation the problem is, paradoxically, simpler. 1
27. In Engineering, the choice which Bill Larnach did make, that paradoxically meant Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a 30-mile round trip every day. 1
28. In her paradoxical way, the anorexic is facing up to the truth implicit in her own convictions. 1
29. In this case, paradoxically, the real free - trade position is to impose tariffs. 1
30. Individualism is pure and unchangeable element in Libai's paradoxical and intricate idealism. ". 1

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