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# Sentence Times
1. 'It is too late and is almost impossible to get rid of the U.S. debt, ' said Evgeny Gavrilenkov, chief economist at broker Troika Dialog and member of a government advisory panel. 1
2. "Tap Panel Dryness (TPD)", a serious physiological disease in Hevea, is still a matter of debate as its complicate causality. 0
3. "The results, I confess, were somewhat surprising," said John Dugan, the Comptroller of the Currency, who oversaw the study and spoke on a panel with fellow regulators. 1
4. "There is no reason ... to undertake any further extensive review of the safety of aspartame," said Iona Pratt, a toxicologist who headed the panel. 1
5. A 15-page indictment was placed before the panel of judges. 1
6. A 2C rise in global temperatures will not necessarily result in the calamity predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), China's most senior climatologist has told the Guardian. 0
7. A bank of information is also being set up by the Panel with a view to helping those with disabilities at the Bar. 0
8. A bank of information is also being set up by the Panel with a view to helping those with disabilities at the Bar.This website 0
9. A beam of rose-colored light from a pane in the chancel window fell across his face, but he did not seem to see it. 1
10. A beautiful heavy, hard, and strong hardwood tree . This is used for furniture, millwork and paneling. 1
11. A blue flash like an incendiary, the child did not start, but leaned closer to the pane. 1
12. A Caltrans appeal would go to an ad hoc seismic retrofit permit review panel. 1
13. A central control panel for a mechanical, electrical , or electronic system. 1
14. A combination consisting of several glass panes enclosing a hermetically-sealed air spaces. 1
15. A combination consisting of two glass panes enclosing a hermetically-sealed air space. 1
16. A connector is available on the main unit panel. Connect the microphone connector as illustrated bellow. 1
17. A control on the front panel adjusts the operating time between limits of less than one second and four minutes approximately. 1
18. A cover glass for a flat panel display device and a method for manufacturing the same are disclosed. 1
19. A dimmer control knob is provided on the right side of the front panel which also activates the lamp test. 1
20. A direct-view large-screen display system, with the construction of mosaic AC plasma display panels, used in the areas of alphanumerics and graphics, has been fabricated. 1
21. A discussion of what technology challenges face the fabricator in creating high-layer count, large format back panels. 1
22. A few panes of glass were broken during that time, but by accident rather than deliberate action. 1
23. A fine oak staircase with barley sugar bannisters leads out of the stone flagged hall and the south-east facing sitting-room is panelled. 1
24. A free By Design panel discussion meets at 7 p. m. Monday, November 3, in the theater. 1
25. A free By Design panel discussion will meet at the theatre at 7 p. m. Monday, January 29. 1
26. A French parliamentary panel has recommended that face-covering veils such as the burqa or the niqab be banned in public insitutions such as hospitals and schools. 1
27. A Friend Dear Friend: Half of this panel say tell the best friend. 1
28. A full-size astromech rested within a spring-loaded socket on the port wing, and the craft's wingtips could fold open, revealing hexagonal panels when the ship entered combat mode. 1
29. A fuse holder is mounted on the back panel and contains a 3 amp fuse to protect the electronics in case of a power problem. 1
30. A gas control panel with: gas analyzing, flow and pressure measuring transducers, calibration and safety features. 1





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