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# Sentence Times
1. A shameful flock formed round the padre. 1
2. Already, Buss said, talk of the Padres presence has prompted some property owners to map renovation or development projects. 0
3. And make no mistake: He considers the Padres' offer a slap in the face -- even mimicking such a blow. 0
4. Approaching the car I was driving, he reproved me, saying that a padre ought to know better. 1
5. Approaching the car I was driving, he reproved me, saying that a padre ought to know better.This website 1
6. Assomiglia a suo padre come una goccia d'aqua , - osservo'la piu'anziana. 1
7. At the same time, Arthur knew that he was the bastard of his respectable padre Montanelli. 1
8. Both padre and padrone seemed in fine fettle. 1
9. But when the Padres plummeted to last place last week, the hefty Vaughn contract took on extra weight. 0
10. C., to Texas in 1972, Moores believes baseball owners may have sympathy for the Padres. 0
11. Can I expect a padre to give me some panacea? 1
12. Could I speak to you in private a moment, padre. 1
13. Couldn't we have hIt'south padre Island? 1
14. Del padre Visual Productions, a video and interactive media production studio based in the US. 1
15. Each of the Padres' two franchise postseason appearances has owed a debt to free-agent acquisitions. 0
16. For those who liked to go to church there were padres of several denominations and candles and a camp-built altar. 1
17. Hamilton can only hope he improves as much as Benes has since the Padres traded him. 0
18. He was given the name Pio when he joined the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, and was popularly known as padre Pio after his ordination to the priesthood. 1
19. He was numbed by the thought of this imaginary food and could hardly keep his mind on what the padre was saying. 1
20. Henderson broke camp with the Padres in a reserve role. 0
21. I fully expect that Tony will end his career with the San Diego Padres. 0
22. In the prison padre Montanelli tempted Arthur to come over and pledge allegiance. 1
23. In the third, the Padres punished Brown for a felony -- he walked Hitchcock -- to score twice more. 0
24. June 26 Gwynn hits first inside-the- park grand slam in padre history. 1
25. Mi padre es un hombre un poco serio. Habla poco. 1
26. Presently he said: "Ah, there's the padre from Marengo ." 1
27. Quick rotation: The Padres have tried 10 starting pitchers. 0
28. So we call it the Trinity il padre de la iglesia, el padre la patria, e il padre de la familia. 3
29. Sus padres le dejaron abrir una lata de MJB Coffee. 1
30. The oilfield was close to the Los Padres National Forest, then tinder dry. 0

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