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1. Alba was keen to praise the influence of Valencia coach Unai Emery, who has overseen his rise through the ranks at the Mestalla, having begun his professional career with Valencia's B team in 2007. 1
2. Another time I might have bristled at the idea of being overseen, at work. 1
3. Both crossings are overseen by the Farouq Battalions. 1
4. Both will be overseen by two prominent business executives. 1
5. Braun has also overseen a thorough examination of all the corporate processes and product lines. 1
6. City Auditor Jim Flanagan has overseen the process from the beginning. 1
7. Equally devastating, Mugabe has overseen the complete destruction and impoverishment of what had been one of Africa's economic success stories. 1
8. General Michael Hayden who has overseen electronic eavesdropping and code breaking for the intelligence community as chief of the highly secretive National Security Agency for the past six years. 1
9. Giannini has personally overseen the museum's minimalist white interior and curated the opening exhibits along with an archivist. 1
10. He maintains an uncompromising regimen that is strictly overseen by the trainers. 1
11. In addition, Bulfinch had overseen the construction of five churches around Boston. 1
12. It also operates three state jails, including one yet to be opened in Austin, that are overseen by the agency. 1
13. It is vital that judo sessions are overseen by a qualified trainer. 1
14. It was created by an association overseen by China's Culture Ministry. 1
15. It will be overseen by ThomasLi, director of IBM China Research Laboratory. 1
16. Members are organised in local branches grouped together in regions that are overseen by voluntary Regional Directors. 1
17. Most nurse practitioners are overseen by a physician. 1
18. One is Mr Santos , who as defence minister has overseen those successes. 1
19. Previous years have been overseen by David Bowie and Jarvis Cocker. 1
20. Rathbun had also overseen Scientology's legal-defense strategy, and reported directly to Miscavige. 1
21. Still, there were plenty of other attractions, like the Reiki energy-healing workshop overseen by Carol Roujansky. 1
22. The action lifts the rating to the highest on an international scale designed by an international group of experts in 1989 and is overseen by the International Atomic Energy Agency. 1
23. The advisers would be overseen by an investment board nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. 1
24. The building was started in the thirteenth century but the construction of its dome (known locally as Il Duomo) was not completed until the fifteenth, overseen by the architect Filippo Brunelleschi. 1
25. The committee is overseen by Michael Fallon, the Business Minister. 1
26. The fund is overseen by Aileen Adams of the Justice Department, who doles out money to states according to population. 1
27. The International Maritime Organization, for example, has overseen the tightening of regulations on oil transportation. 1
28. The Marques de la Colina, who has overseen the trial, feels great compassion for Jacinto. 1
29. The office was overseen by Douglas Feith. 1
30. The operation was overseen by Pilger, who put in an occasional appearance in person with suggestions for improvement. 1




  - supervise (a person or work), especially in an official capacity.


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