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# Sentence Times
1. A litigator responsible for a class action faces a spending profile vastly different from an environmental lawyer who's overseeing two Superfund cleanups and a dispute regarding a site. 1
2. After a few months of this on-the-job training, I was offered, and gladly accepted, the post of Education Coordinator, overseeing not only the programmer training, but training our end users. 1
3. After assuming the title of Jedi Master, C'baoth served the Republic by overseeing the demilitarization of the aggressive Aqualish. 1
4. Albert was standing in the vestibule overseeing the logistics. 1
5. Among his tasks was overseeing the demobilization of the troops who had been fighting in France. 1
6. An industrial engineer by training, Mr. Balestrero has extensive experience overseeing administrative, financial and internal affairs for and more professional associations. 1
7. And just under the wire this weekend, Shona Brown, was demoted to overseeing the Google.org business. 1
8. Any sale will now require a seal of approval from the bankruptcy judge overseeing Lehman. 1
9. As quality control inspector you will be responsible in overseeing quality at a production facility. 1
10. As we have seen the magistrates have an important role to play in overseeing the extension of detention beyond thirty-six hours. 1
11. As well as advising on counter-insurgency tactics, they have helped with an array of non-military activities, from overseeing elections to preserving monuments and digging sewers. 1
12. As with Sir Christopher Wren at St Paul's Cathedral, Utzon was humiliated and removed from overseeing the final stages of his masterwork. 1
13. At Checkers, Mills is overseeing the addition of patio dining accessible by a new outside entrance. 1
14. At the same time the administrative structures overseeing some of the country's bigger concerns would be dismantled. 1
15. Brewster Kahle, an archivist overseeing another scanning project, says that the universal library is now within reach. 1
16. But the agency overseeing the certifying process has long been considered underfunded and understaffed. 1
17. But, what needs to pay attention, has chosen the guerrilla force, must complete concurs the designer, porter, overseeing and so on number duty the mental preparations. 1
18. By the '90s, its main business had become overseeing financial products such as stock index futures and currency options, but some in Washington thought it should stick to pork bellies and soybeans. 1
19. DeConcini also chaired the Senate appropriations subcommittee overseeing Customs' budget. 1
20. First in the dock was Kaing Guek Eav, also known as Comrade Duch, a former mathematics teacher turned born-again Christian who is accused of overseeing S-21. 1
21. Freed of overseeing Chinese operations in Burma, Wedemeyer also relinquished the role of Chinese lend-lease administrator. 1
22. He was overseeing the banquet and had Sir Thomas under his surveillance nearly all the time. 1
23. Her department is responsible for overseeing the councils. 1
24. How, after runaway banks brought the economy to its knees, did we end up with Ron Paul, who says "I don't think we need regulators, " about to take over a key House panel overseeing the Fed? 1
25. In 1981, he made it to the director's chair, overseeing aschlocky horror picture, Piranha II: The Spawning. 1
26. In addition to overseeing the daily operations of St. Petersburg. 1
27. In one year alone she was overseeing twelve undergraduates, of whom eleven emerged with first-class degrees. 1
28. Kalam, who became a national hero after overseeing successful tests in 1998 that turned India into a nuclear power, had been nominated to the office by the previous Hindu nationalist government. 1
29. Kate has been overseeing an AIDS education course in Constanta together with a local representative, Ana Ureche. 1
30. Logistics do: getting dinner, keeping house, overseeing child care, buying equipment. 1

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