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# Sentence Times
1. 'she's after discharging our overseer and stayed home to go over the accounts with him. 1
2. "It is very competitive," says Ora Hamelsdorf, one of two people assigned to oversee the Kiddush. 1
3. "People would rather overpay for bonds than underpay for stocks," said David Kelly, who helps oversee $445 billion as chief market strategist for JPMorgan Funds in New York. 1
4. "The cyclical upturn will allow emerging markets to continue to outperform, " Conway, who helps oversee $17.5 billion, said in a phone interview from London. 1
5. A custodian or trustee is appointed to oversee the debtor's property to protect it from loss. 1
6. A federal agency, the National Labor Relations Board, was established to oversee union elections and address unfair labor complaints. 1
7. A laptop equipped with a dongle consumes 450 times more bandwidth than a classic mobile phone, said Pierre-Alain Allemand, who oversees the mobile network at France's second largest operator SFR. 1
8. A litigator responsible for a class action faces a spending profile vastly different from an environmental lawyer who's overseeing two Superfund cleanups and a dispute regarding a site. 1
9. A price review board, created as an independent agency in 1987, oversees the cost of drugs. 1
10. A radiologist ( ra - de - OL - o - jist ) or other physician with special training in medical imaging oversees MRI testing. 1
11. A team leader was appointed to oversee the project. 1
12. Administrators oversee the testing of students, to place them in the appropriate classes. 1
13. Administrators were even more surprised that the students selected one editor to oversee everyone's work, said Vernes Voloder, project coordinator at the Nansen Dialogue Centre. 1
14. After a few months of this on-the-job training, I was offered, and gladly accepted, the post of Education Coordinator, overseeing not only the programmer training, but training our end users. 1
15. After assuming the title of Jedi Master, C'baoth served the Republic by overseeing the demilitarization of the aggressive Aqualish. 1
16. Alba was keen to praise the influence of Valencia coach Unai Emery, who has overseen his rise through the ranks at the Mestalla, having begun his professional career with Valencia's B team in 2007. 1
17. Albert was standing in the vestibule overseeing the logistics. 1
18. All managers who oversee departmental supervisors should be familiar with office procedures and equipment. 1
19. Among his tasks was overseeing the demobilization of the troops who had been fighting in France. 1
20. An independent moderator should be appointed to oversee the negotiations. 1
21. An industrial engineer by training, Mr. Balestrero has extensive experience overseeing administrative, financial and internal affairs for and more professional associations. 1
22. An Office of Sex Offender Management will be set up to oversee it all. 1
23. And just under the wire this weekend, Shona Brown, was demoted to overseeing the Google.org business. 1
24. Another time I might have bristled at the idea of being overseen, at work. 1
25. Any sale will now require a seal of approval from the bankruptcy judge overseeing Lehman. 1
26. Appeldoorn will continue to act as an advisor to the management board and will oversee the integration of Arcade into Wegener. 1
27. Aronson said the key to his robotic bending cell is that a nearby press brake operator oversees a manual brake and the automated cell. 1
28. As an overseer, he suddenly found himself a person of consequence. 1
29. As assistant commissioner, Smith oversees marketing programs involving livestock, horticulture, fiber and international marketing. 1
30. As I'm going back very soon, I'll send my chief engineer to oversee the dismantlement. 1




oversees (third person present) · oversaw (past tense) · overseeing (present participle) · overseen (past participle)

  - supervise (a person or work), especially in an official capacity.


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