Overlap Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "The overlapping of block surface and the interlaced sense of space" of the works, as well as the visual impact of simple but moving colors, constitute a lively cantilena with unique Chinese charm. 1
2. A fish's scales overlap each other. 1
3. A formation of infantry carrying overlapping shields and long spears, developed by Philip II of Macedon and used by Alexander the Great. 1
4. A full length Xenopus nucleolin cDNA was constructed from overlapping sequences recovered from an ovary cDNA library. 1
5. A hatred read aloud, suppress inner love, a brave but love is only obtains a cannot take lover, two overlap with shadow, let half monster toss-up. 1
6. A high efficiency scalable parallel algorithm, parallel block overlapped partition approximate(PBOA) algorithm, is proposed for solving block tri-diagonal linear systems on multiple computers. 1
7. A hopelessly undecipherable jumble of overlapping names. 1
8. A linking member is connectible to both the dash panel and the air box. At least a portion of the linking member overlaps a portion of the intake manifold in the direction of the width of the vehicle. 1
9. A more sophisticated approach fits different polynomials over different but overlapping terms to maturity. 1
10. A PivotTable report cannot overlap another PivotTable report. 1
11. A rectangle is subdivided into one large and two small squares such that the overlap is constant width. 1
12. A special overlap and border adhesive, like a thick pva, is made for just this type of situation. 1
13. A user can then dynamically define sets of documents having these overlapping attributes. 1
14. AAH has been shown to have immunohistochemical, morphometric, flow cytometric and genetic abnormalities overlapping with adenocarcinoma. 1
15. According to the formation of dialect nouns in Lingshi, this paper discusses the grammatical function, semantics and phonetics features of overlap-nouns of dialect in Lingshi. 0
16. According to torque ripple of brushless DC motor, the different PWM modulation mode and overlapping commutation method are used to minimize torque pulsation when current commutation is considered. 1
17. Adaptation of text from score to libretto, including overlapping lines in ensemble passages, is determined by the editor. 1
18. Allowing time for handover and meal breaks, what is the optimum time required for the afternoon overlap of shifts? 1
19. Alongside this insouciance goes a Balkanised decision-making process, with numerous overlapping authorities responsible for different watersheds, sanitation plants and irrigation. 1
20. Also about two bone seams do not overlap mutually, thus strengthened the tortoise shell ruggedness. 1
21. Also in many hospitals there is an overlap of nursing staff in the afternoon. 1
22. Although general separation of points by environment was achieved there was always some overlap between adjacent fields. 1
23. Alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal dementia ( FTD ) can be difficult to differentiate clinically because of overlapping symptoms. 1
24. Among general packing in the current packing tower, some a packing is formed by mutually overlapping meshy plates or platelike objects with large holes, the packing has smaller specific surface area. 1
25. Among procedural issues, stent overexpansion and overlap have proven most deleterious. 1
26. Among the tortoises and turtles, the overlapping scales have been replaced by a large, thick armoured box of horn. 1
27. An approach named component analysis based on kurtosis ( CABK ) was used to identify the overlapped peaks. 1
28. An inspection of the table reveals overlaps between the three trends, and clearly they should not be seen as mutually exclusive. 1
29. An open framework made of strips of metal, wood , or similar overlappeda regular, usually crisscross pattern. 1
30. Analysing respectively from both the view points of universal and special overlaps, the paper discusses the definition of overlap structure and the structure mode of the word. 2




overlaps (third person present) · overlapped (past tense) · overlapped (past participle) · overlapping (present participle)

  - extend over so as to cover partly.


overlaps (plural noun)

  - a part or amount which overlaps.


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