Overdue Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "ICHA" has right to withhold any lodgement if there are any account is overdue. All receipt and condition should refer to "ICHA" Australia standard. 1
2. "This revised standard for lead in consumer paint is grossly overdue, " adds Clark. 1
3. A : Look, your mobile phone bill is long overdue. 1
4. A : Madrid? Sucked! You know Lisa and I had our long overdue meltdown. 1
5. A book like this is long overdue. 1
6. A clear warning from the international community about Dubrovnik is long overdue. 1
7. A demand note is send automatically when the invoice is overdue. 1
8. A long overdue report on Breckenridge where we spent a thoroughly enjoyable skiing holiday in April 1990. 1
9. A public debate over the ethical limits to such neuroscience is long overdue. 1
10. A revision is long overdue , said Dr. Raul Artal of Saint Louis University School of Medicine. 1
11. A serious feminist critique of masculinity and male power was long overdue. 1
12. A shake-up in key leadership posts and waning popular support could prevent Mr. Putin's administration from carrying out overdue economic reforms or exercising fiscal discipline, some observers said. 1
13. A statutory clarification of their status is long overdue. 1
14. A thorough examination seems long overdue. 1
15. A visit from Mrs Brocklebank was long overdue. 1
16. According to Fielding, Lorne was seriously overdue for reassurance. 1
17. Additional late fee is imposed to any overdue loaner. 1
18. Again, these changes were long overdue and were welcomed by all reasonable people and organizations. 1
19. All accounts are aged and reviewed daily and overdue accounts are pursued once they are 1 day past due. 1
20. All jury members felt that curtains, particularly of such elegant stuff, are long overdue for a comeback. 1
21. Although overdue, two elements of the bill can properly claim to be breaking new ground. 1
22. An all-out campaign to truly simplify the tax code, and answer basic small business riddles, is long overdue. 1
23. An overdue strategic defence and security review will in truth be inseparable from the Treasury-led spending review, due to be published in October. 1
24. An unpaid, overdue debt or an unfulfilled obligation. 1
25. And besides he was overdue. 1
26. Apart from bestowing long overdue financial independence on married women, the changes also offer couples the chance of substantial tax savings. 1
27. Article 207 A borrower who fails to repay the loan within the contracted time limit shall pay an overdue interest pursuant to the contract or to the relevant regulations of the State. 1
28. AS a way of handling the overdue loans, the contract of Repaying loan with loan (hereinafter referred to as the RLWL) is very common in the loan business of commercial banks. 1
29. As to overdue tax, your general trade? 1
30. BA Flight 144 from Munich is overdue owing to engine trouble. 1

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