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# Sentence Times
1. 'The financial markets may not be recognizing the risks of a sudden drop-off. They're still not used to China's outsized swings.' 1
2. A large woman, who confessed to weighing fifteen stone, she championed the manufacture of outsize clothes at modest prices. 1
3. A medical partnership led by your area's premier brain surgeon may enjoy outsized and growing earnings, but that tells little about its future. 1
4. A plumbers' convention, Renwick noted from the outsize announcement propped on a gilded easel. 1
5. A random zero sphygmomanometer was used for almost all measurements, and outsize cuffs were used when indicated by arm girth. 1
6. A younger woman with outsize spectacles behind them periodically gave a slight nod of her head. 1
7. After establishing my credentials and getting my outsized but very tastefully colored beige identification card, I begin my search. 1
8. An outsize cotton shoes was mounted on a huge float and paraded through the main street. 1
9. An outsize portion of sales, for example, came from the 180 Imax theaters playing the movie. 1
10. An outsized photograph hung above her bedroom fireplace. 1
11. And molecular markers show that the five true fingers develop together in a mole embryo, with the outsized sesamoid cropping up later. 1
12. And they are also highly attracted to illiquid assets, which offer outsize returns. 1
13. At its shortest the coat is seen by some designers as little more than a regular outsize jacket. 1
14. But I can imagine that a grumpy co - worker would an outsize impact on my mood. 1
15. But I can imagine that a grumpy co-worker would have an outsize impact on my mood. 1
16. By tamping down our outsized appetite for the products of other countries, you combined with a weak dollar to erase nearly one-fourth of the trade deficit, excluding oil, since 2006. 1
17. Canada's oil sands, or tar sands, as the goo is known, are outsized in every way. 1
18. Carments in large , extra large , and outsize ( are ) available here. 1
19. For many, this outsized jamboree became both a new Pentecost and a New Jerusalem rolled into one. 1
20. Goldman's outsize trading gains in the first quarter, coming alongside weakness in other offer limited comfort. 1
21. Has such a outsize fool, Cherishes you devotedly , Hooting. 1
22. He also has a reputation for outsized charity. 1
23. He was so lean and brittle that his pistols and handcuffs seemed outsize. 1
24. He was wearing outsize boots without laces. 1
25. He wore outsize glasses and talked excessively, usually about his work. 1
26. Immigrants continue to make an outsized contribution to the American economy. 1
27. It didn't work: the banks, laden with bad loans, faced outsize insolvency problems, not just a shortage of liquid funds. 1
28. Its still sparse population seems shrunk, as it were, in such outsize garments. 1
29. Jane surprised Juliana by pointing her towards leggings and tapered trousers worn with outsized cardigans and sweaters. 1
30. Libya's peacock: Libyan leader Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi may be the ultimate dictator-showman, and his personal style reflects his outsize behavior on the world stage. 1




outsized (adjective)

  - exceptionally large.


outsizes (plural noun)

  - an exceptionally large person or thing, especially a garment made to measurements larger than the standard.


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