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1. "Over time, Tibetan polyandry has been outlawed, so it is difficult to measure the incidence of polyandry in what may have been the world's most "polyandrous" society. 1
2. A 1961 treaty ratified by 125 nations outlawed the production of cocaine. 1
3. A vicious separatist campaign launched by rebels of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has been raging since 1984. 1
4. A whole range of intercessory objects was also outlawed, as were prayers to the saints, pilgrimages, and requiem masses. 1
5. After the Civil War ( 1861 - 1865 ), slavery was outlawed and the big plantations were divided up. 1
6. All manifestations of their indigenous cultures were outlawed. 1
7. All the king did was declaring the wrong-doer as an outlaw and notify it to all his subjects that helping the outlawed person will amount to an offence against the king himself. 1
8. Although concubinage and foot-binding have been outlawed, the woman's role is still considered to be in the home. 1
9. As recently as 1993, the Legislature had outlawed the title-loan business, despite the influence of well-monied lobbyists. 1
10. Bigamy is still outlawed today, at least on paper. 1
11. Bogus jobs line threat DIAL-A-JOB firms advertising bogus vacancies could soon be outlawed. 1
12. Breaking wind could be outlawed in an African country - and it is already causing a stink, the Daily Mirror of London reported. 1
13. But they also engaged in blood feuds, which were outlawed under Communist rule. 1
14. Congress approved legislation which outlawed the sale of the drug. 1
15. Congress finally outlawed speaking honoraria in the early nineties. 1
16. During the last four months, Croatia has been the only Balkan country where smoking indoors has been effectively outlawed. 1
17. Eventually, Franklin D.Roosevelt's New Deal saw the passage of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which established a national minimum wage, maximum hours and outlawed child labor. 1
18. Factory orders for unlicensed phones, better known in China as shanzhai, or outlawed, phones, have been declining rapidly over the last few years, according to market researcher IHS iSuppli. 1
19. Factory orders for unlicensed phones, better known in China as shanzhai, or outlawed, phones, have been declining rapidly over the last few years,(This website/unlicensed.html) according to market researcher IHS iSuppli. 1
20. Falun Gong, a quasi-religious sect, outlawed as a threat to stability. 1
21. Four months later, in a ceremony conducted by the outlawed Roman Catholic church, Danton married the 16-year-old nanny of his children. 1
22. He believed in strong government, and in a bid to make Turkey more "modern" he adopted the Western calendar, the Latin alphabet and even outlawed the wearing of Fez hats. 1
23. He was rewarded on 16 April 1660 when the council of state outlawed all news-books except his pair. 1
24. However, it's already outlawed using the plates on public roads and now it's to ban their sale. 1
25. Hundreds flooded the city centre last week for the raising of the outlawed Morning Star flag. 1
26. I hope the sale of tobacco will be outlawed someday. 1
27. In 1933, all German political parties , except the Nazi Party, were outlawed. 1
28. In 1975 gambling was outlawed. 1
29. In a unanimous decision, it outlawed segregation altogether. 1
30. In any case, most outlawed parties resurrect themselves under a new name. 1

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