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1. 'Commander of the Army of the Kingdom of Scotland ' - the outlaw Wallace was now knighted and made Guardian of Scotland in Balliol's name at the forest kirk, at either Selkirk or Carluke. 1
2. "Over time, Tibetan polyandry has been outlawed, so it is difficult to measure the incidence of polyandry in what may have been the world's most "polyandrous" society. 1
3. "Put up or shut up, " he told Sarko and the rest, arguing that he would like to change the rules outlawing knobbly cucumbers or wobbly bananas, but national leaders wouldn't let him. 1
4. A 14-year-old girl from Yell County, Ark., named Mattie Ross hires Rooster to help track down an outlaw who murdered both her father and a Texas state senator before fleeing into Choctaw territory. 1
5. A 1961 treaty ratified by 125 nations outlawed the production of cocaine. 1
6. A Cabinet report does not, however, favour legislation to outlaw age discrimination. 1
7. A legendary poker-playing outlaw, Triggerman, arrives in town for the wildest gambling tournament this side of the West. 1
8. A realistic portrayal of the life and times of the legendary outlaw well worth the visit. 1
9. A vicious separatist campaign launched by rebels of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has been raging since 1984. 1
10. A whole range of intercessory objects was also outlawed, as were prayers to the saints, pilgrimages, and requiem masses. 1
11. Adams attempted to outlaw slavery in the District of Columbia ( Washington . D . C . ). 1
12. After the Civil War ( 1861 - 1865 ), slavery was outlawed and the big plantations were divided up. 1
13. After Travis outlaw made a layup for Portland , Radmanovic hit a 3 - pointer to make it 104 - 99. 1
14. After Travis outlaw made a layup for Portland ,(Sentence dictionary) Radmanovic hit a 3 - pointer to make it 104 - 99. 1
15. All manifestations of their indigenous cultures were outlawed. 1
16. All the king did was declaring the wrong-doer as an outlaw and notify it to all his subjects that helping the outlawed person will amount to an offence against the king himself. 2
17. Although concubinage and foot-binding have been outlawed, the woman's role is still considered to be in the home. 1
18. Americans' heroes are outlaws, like wild west gunfighter Jesse James,or entrepreneurs, like Sam Walton, founder of the Wal-Mart chain of superstores. 1
19. An amendment outlawing sale of intoxicating liquors ( 1920 ) was repealed in 1933. 1
20. An arrested member of the outlaw militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is presented to the media at the Police Crime Investigation Department in Karachi, Pakistan. 1
21. And when Guy of Gisborne had been shamed and the Prior of Newark had suffered loss at Robin's hands, Abbot Hugo sent for Isambart to meet him and Guy, to make an end of the bold outlaw. 1
22. Anime shows like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and outlaw Star have been similar mixes of science fiction and Western elements. 1
23. Anime shows like Cowboy outlaw Star have been similar mixes of science fiction and Western elements. 1
24. Any attempt to dismantle the PTA or outlaw the plastic bullet could lead to a confrontation with police and Army chiefs. 1
25. As recently as 1993, the Legislature had outlawed the title-loan business, despite the influence of well-monied lobbyists. 1
26. Attempts to outlaw abortion have so far been unsuccessful. 1
27. Bands of outlaws lived in the forest. 1
28. Bigamy is still outlawed today, at least on paper. 1
29. Bogus jobs line threat DIAL-A-JOB firms advertising bogus vacancies could soon be outlawed. 1
30. Bomer said he plans to adopt a new rule this summer that would erase any confusion on rounding by outlawing double rounding. 1




outlaws (plural noun)

  - a person who has broken the law, especially one who remains at large or is a fugitive.


outlaws (third person present) · outlawed (past tense) · outlawed (past participle) · outlawing (present participle)

  - ban or make illegal.


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