Orifice Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A branching device connects a branch pipe to a main pipe through an orifice in the main pipe utilizing a saddle-like sealing member. 1
2. A condition of ingrowing hairs about an orifice, especially ingrowing eyelashes. 1
3. A few spurts of milk then the thing was at the teat end again, a pinkish-white object peeping through the orifice. 1
4. A mouse ran out from the dark orifice of the cave. 1
5. A multi - objective optimization model of valve type orifice system of hydraulic confined piston engine was built. 1
6. A plurality of small shaping orifices are evenly distributed on the excircle surface of the blades. 1
7. A restoring spring presses the armature toward the first orifice. 1
8. A small hole orifice or restrictor in a component for allowing pressure in the component to be the same as ambient pressure. 1
9. A V - shaped flame holder with many orifices used in a gas burner was developed. 1
10. According to gas lubrication theories, the mathematical model of aerostatic bearing with inherent orifice was developed. 1
11. After a massive heart attack, he was strapped to a bed, with tubes in every orifice. 1
12. An analysis was made on the failure cause of spinner rotor, which wasattributed chiefly to orifices extension, secondly to deformation and crack. 1
13. An endless flow of words streamed from the same orifice. 1
14. And as he withdrew to plunge again into her willing vagina, she realised she didn't mind which orifice he filled. 1
15. Applied anatomy on shape and location of root canal orifice in maxillary first permanent molar. 1
16. As previously mentioned , spacing of the orifice groups with relationship to each other is important. 1
17. Back orifice 2000 - BO2K is a remote administration tool. 1
18. Bench of closed circuit cooling tower that is composed of boiler, exchanger, orifice flowmeter, water pump, micromanometer, heat indicator and so on is established. 1
19. Blood gushed from the open orifice. 1
20. Both variable orifices and electromagnetic controllers have been used with success. 1
21. But the film goes on to develop graphic, orifice-stuffing permutations on the theme of you are what you eat. 0
22. But why the flow rate easy to pulsate at small opening of orifice, and how about the damping groove angle influent the hydraulic pump performance, the study is rare. 1
23. Canula, and orifice features may be varied to suit particular requirements, provided these are within the practicabilities of the impact extrusion process on a mass-production basis. 1
24. Cardiac orifice mucosal laceration and oozing of blood were 100 %, but no perforation and massive hemorrhage. 1
25. Colonoscopy revealed a cigar-shaped polypoid mass protruding from the appendiceal orifice within the cecum. 1
26. Concavity and negative forms are associated with elastic orifices, suction, closure and decline. 1
27. Conclusion External orifice stricture is a common complication following TUPKRP which can be prevented by adopting effective measures before operation. 1
28. Conclusion On the condition that the intestinal tract is unobstructed , the labiate intestinal fistula can be cured by packing the fistula orifice with pedicled straight muscle of abdomen flap. 1
29. Conclusion Proper preoperative preparation, operation and postoperative care can effectively prevent the external orifice stricture. 1
30. Conclusion The bigger anastomotic orifice and avoidance the anastomotic stenostomia are the keys of surgical treatment of total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage. 1

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