Orderly Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. a calm and orderly life. 1
2. A crystal is just a large orderly array of atoms or molecules in the solid state. 1
3. A peaceable and orderly crowd staged a protest outside city hall. 1
4. A service operated by appropriate authority to promote the safe, orderly and flow of air traffic. 1
5. A sinking fund establishes a procedure for the orderly retirement of a bond over the life of the issue. 1
6. A typical Swiss is hardworking, frugal and neat. Swiss society is stable and orderly, the people are law-abiding and self-disciplined . 1
7. Access and sign out spare parts. Maintain clean and orderly conditions . Minimum inventory supervisor. 1
8. According to their particular view of life, individuals always act in an orderly and predictable way. 1
9. All is orderly and beautiful; everything is charming to the eye. 1
10. All very neat and orderly, it seems. 1
11. Always in a professional dressing, take some mint candy and comb by yourself, sustain a clean, orderly assignment workplace. 1
12. An orderly comes in and tells Haywire it's time for group therapy. 1
13. An orderly life on either side of the dual carriageway, the illusion of an orderly life. 2
14. An orderly queue was formed, stretching throughout the corridors of Hardside and out on to the rugby pitches. 1
15. An orderly was sluicing down the metal table and the floor. 1
16. Anaglyph product surface does not have damaged, clean and orderly, quality of a material is exquisite, feel is slicker, fruit of the aftereffect that brush paint is better. 1
17. And orderly sits Michael down inside the psych ward's TV room. Michael, still displaying the same vacant stare, now wears a white jumpsuit. 1
18. And, between the shops, the colorful patches of flower beds made it all appear orderly and safe. 1
19. Another orderly walks around the psych ward TV room, handing out pill cups. 1
20. Apart from the undisciplined piles in front of Nigel, the books were in orderly rows arranged according to subject. 1
21. Apothecary: The availability of medicines makes the isle more orderly. 1
22. Astana is clean, orderly and seemingly sedated. 1
23. At age 45, my life that in an orderly way had greatly changed, uncertainly. 1
24. At age 60, my life that in an orderly way had greatly changed, uncertainly. 1
25. At Canon Grindal's, life was proceeding in an orderly manner in its usual direction. 1
26. At Canon Grindal's(This website ), life was proceeding in an orderly manner in its usual direction. 1
27. At eight sharp the duty orderly rang a bell. 1
28. At nearby Camberwick Green, life ticked by on the same orderly lines. 1
29. At present relief work is running in a smooth and orderly manner. 1
30. Bearing covers (5 are orderly fixed on end surfaces of bumps that are formed on outer ends of upper and lower holes of the differential mechanism shell by bolts. 1




orderlies (plural noun)

  - neatly and methodically arranged.


  - an attendant in a hospital responsible for the nonmedical care of patients and the maintenance of order and cleanliness.

  - a soldier who carries out orders or performs minor tasks for an officer.


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