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# Sentence Times
1. Africa. The markets always have space for some blue-sky optimists -- and 2011 will be the year that venture capitalists fill that slot again. 1
2. Among the foreign diplomats looking on, optimists refer to the squabbling coalition as an "unconsummated marriage". 1
3. And the employment report didn't change the minds of some stalwart market optimists. 1
4. And what of the larger future of AI? optimists, such as Raymond Kurzweil in The Singularity is Near, foresee an AI utopia in which human and machine intelligence combine. 1
5. Because it's so easy to be branded a naysayer, Ms. Johnson figured out a way to cope with optimists -- by pinning concerns on others. 1
6. Diehard optimists, like Mr Pynzenyk, say that hyperinflation and economic collapse will eventually force the country to its senses. 1
7. Even optimists admit the outlook to be poor. 1
8. Gamblers are incorrigible optimists. 1
9. Gradually, in the view of the optimists, most of these will be drawn into the liberal camp. 1
10. Hence the optimists believe that it is difficult to visualise circumstances better suited to a successful devaluation than the ones currently offered. 1
11. I begin to read Wu Danru's Mottoes of optimists. 1
12. If optimists are willing to bid up the shares of some faddish stocks, and not enough courageous investors are willing to meet that demand by selling short, then optimists will set the price. 2
13. In 1972, when think tank the Club of Rome published his Malthusian bestseller 'Limits to Growth, ' eco-doom was in and technological optimists weren't getting invited to the best parties. 1
14. It is not easy to compose, however, because "most entrepreneurs are wild-eyed optimists". 0
15. It is this political lacuna that makes optimists about Brazil so impatient. 1
16. Levy wondered if turning patients into optimists would lengthen their lives. 1
17. Never mind, say market optimists: the first quarter of 1991 promises to make up much lost ground. 0
18. Oil optimists say that new techniques of discovery and retrieval will keep production high for many years to come, thus forestalling an early peak in production. 1
19. One more reason to keep your glass half full: optimists might be less likely to have a stroke. 1
20. Peter Mann, principal educational adviser to Dorset County Council, is clearly one of the optimists. 1
21. So far, the optimists form a sizeable majority. 1
22. The growth optimists point to India's favourable demography. 1
23. The optimists argue that the Fed through the magic of fractional reserve banking can counter the forces of private sector credit contractions. 1
24. The optimists, endowed with faith in science, technology, and the free market, see open-ended possibilities for mankind. 1
25. The perennial optimists would say that this is because of consumer demand. 1
26. Tough--minded optimists approach problems with a can-do philosophy and emerge stronger from tragedies.  1




  - a person who tends to be hopeful and confident about the future or the success of something.


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