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1. "Evidence in this report provides real optimism that TB is beatable, but it is also a clear warning," said WHO Director-General Dr LEE Jong-wook. 1
2. "The emerging market consumer has much more of his life in front of him . . . and they have an amazing optimism about the future, " says Bharat Puri, global chocolate category director for Cadbury. 1
3. "The last FOCAC was the high-water mark, on both sides, of starry-eyed optimism about China-Africa engagement," said Tom Cargill of London's Royal Institute of International Affairs. 1
4. "We are extremely cautious in our optimism, but we still believe it'll be above the line over the next couple of years," said John Koldowski, director of the Strategic Intelligence Center for PATA. 1
5. A cautious optimism spread within the liberal intelligentsia, and the writers, especially, initiated calls for greater artistic freedom. 1
6. A certain optimism adheres to the notion of a new cosmopolitanism. 1
7. A degree of cautious optimism is justified. 1
8. Administration sources expressed optimism that protracted negotiations between the Senate and White House might eventually result in some softening of the ban. 1
9. All optimism was dashed with the arrival of exhausted Franglais bread accompanied by squares of butter in foil. 1
10. All the signs indicate that the general's optimism is unfounded. 1
11. All things considered , the national mood reflected high confidence and optimism. 1
12. All this leaves one final, predictable reason for optimism. 1
13. Allen was twenty-eight, five years younger than she, and blessed with the optimism of youth. 1
14. Although Hipp voiced optimism, airline and union officials earlier were grim about prospects for averting a walkout. 1
15. Amid a mood of cautious optimism, some experts talk of a "tipping point" in the fight against al-Qaida. 1
16. Amid today's prosperity, opinion polls and individual conversations show a groundswell of unbridled optimism. 1
17. An atmosphere of optimism dominated the conference. 1
18. An atmosphere of optimism dominated the conference.This website 1
19. And as this notion made his mouth curve upward in amusement at his optimism, he found what he was searching for. 1
20. And I was not too worried about Robbins converting me to his system of optimism and self-worth. 1
21. And that is precisely what I find to be uplifting, and food for joyful optimism. 1
22. And the latest job numbers support his optimism. Private employers added 222,000 jobs last month, bringing the nation's unemployment rate to its lowest level since April 2009. 1
23. And yet, the community entered the 1950s in a mood of almost giddy optimism. 1
24. Another is that they have an in-built bias towards optimism, always looking on the bright side of life. 1
25. Appearing on ABC's This Week program, the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, expressed cautious optimism about the timetable. 1
26. Appearing on ABC's This Week program, the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen,(This website/timetable.html) expressed cautious optimism about the timetable. 1
27. As she spoke she felt a bubble of optimism rising inside her. 1
28. As the vote approaches, he has abandoned his trademark optimism and launched a negative campaign denigrating his centre-left challenger Romano Prodi. 1
29. As we shall see in a subsequent chapter there is good evidence for this optimism. 1
30. At least we can infer that there is no cause for optimism. 1

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