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# Sentence Times
1. They obstructed and opposed China's struggle against fascism and the Chinese people's revolution. 1
2. 'Nobody will oppose it.' 'I should think not!' 1
3. 'This is not putting people first, it's putting profits first, it's putting repossession first, ' said Kam Nai-wai, a Democratic Party legislator who opposed the amendment. 1
4. "Blackwash" (as opposed to "whitewash") is to uncover or bring out in the light. 1
5. "How can one be opposed to what is taking place before one's eyes each moment of the day"? This website 1
6. "If they feel we'd be less likely to suspect a high-end ship as opposed to one of the fly-by-night cruise liners, they'd use that route," he added. 1
7. "Task and decision sessions are the focus , " said Mr. Tinter, as opposed to more simple navigational searches. 1
8. "Why don't they ban cigarettes from CT first, then we can get into the rest," one Facebook member wrote on a page for people who oppose the hookah legislation in Connecticut. 1
9. 200 attended, as opposed to 300 the previous year. 1
10. 200 people attended, as opposed to 300 the previous year. 1
11. 63 members voted in favour, 39 opposed and 5 abstained. 1
12. A bait dropper, as opposed to a swimfeeder, has limitations. 1
13. A commonly cited example of defensive medicine is the rise in the number of caesarean section births, as opposed to natural births. 1
14. A consultant paediatrician yesterday joined Labour candidate Alan Milburn to oppose a merger between two district health authorities. 1
15. A fresh orange , please, ie real orange juice as opposed to orangeade or orange squash. 1
16. A further premium is also paid for the highest-quality air-dried staves (as opposed to kiln-dried) and expert cooperage. 1
17. A gift (as opposed to gainful employment) allows his best friend, Captain Haddock, to buy back his family's ancestral mansion. 1
18. A ground breaking hair removal system that uses a revolutionary tweezer disc system with dual opposed heads. 1
19. A local group has formed to oppose the mining and has held its first public meeting. 1
20. A long time ago, when they opposed him, he put out the hand and moved the few steps to them. 1
21. A majority of the electorate oppose the law. 1
22. A more fundamental problem is that the agency is being asked by Congress to do two diametrically opposed things. 1
23. A more recent image is diametrically opposed to this and emphasizes the affluence of later life. 1
24. A network designed for transfering data encoded as digital signals, as opposed to a voice network, which transmits analog signals. 1
25. A political party in the United States that was opposed to the Federalist Party and was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 792 and dissolved in 828. 1
26. A prime goal was to suppress all media opposed to the government. 1
27. A proposed resolution to oppose voucher plans and charter schools provoked a spirited debate on the convention floor. 1
28. A qualified audit report, as opposed to an unqualified report, should leave the reader in no doubt as to its meaning and implications. 1
29. A recent opinion poll showed that 89 percent of the public said they would oppose plans to bury waste in their neighbourhood. 1
30. A scientist has the freedom to doubt or oppose any research and development project, but not the right to question or oppose projects that they've taken on. 2

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