Opaqueness Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A subjective opaqueness, Let us leave to one side what is clear. 1
2. As the opaqueness spreads, so does the heat! 1
3. China has come under heavy criticism for the number of criminals it puts on death row every year, the number of crimes punished by death penalty and the opaqueness of its legal system. 1
4. Due to its opaqueness it will hide the wall and any unsightly wires or other apparatus behind the aquarium . 1
5. Each structure has its own refractive index, and when a light ray crosses an area where the index changes, the light scatters, creating a degree of opaqueness . 1
6. It has exposed the fragility of the foundations of private finance: opaqueness , hazard and sometimes fraud. 1
7. It is this dismantling that interests us, this unsuccessfulness which confers upon its becoming certain legibility and limits its historical opaqueness. 1
8. Perhaps the most interesting design aspect is the Spano's glass roof which boasts an opaqueness adjustment system and has small openings above the engine to further improve cooling. 1
9. Play it you must or else your brain , your mind can wander to a state of opaqueness . 1
10. Saudi Arabia obscures its vulnerability by opaqueness. 1
11. Second, the economy of words results in the existence of semantic gaps and the opaqueness of the explicit meaning of the idiom. 1
12. The opaqueness of China's military buildup "increases the potential for misunderstanding and miscalculation, " the Pentagon warned last month in its annual report to the U.S. Congress. 1
13. The secrecy and opaqueness of the current pricing system is behind the initial allegations by China this month that four of Rio Tinto's iron-ore executives were involved in bribery and espionage. 1
14. There was also smog, or haze, or some version of atmospheric opaqueness for which the International Olympic Committee has yet to invent a word. 1

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